Suicidal 17st teen who secretly ate 3,000 calories a day blames mum for weight

A 17st teenager who ate 3,000 calories a day and consider suicide because of her weight has blamed her mum for overfeeding her.

Eighteen-year-old Ellie sought solace in junk food after her parents split when she was 12.

She ballooned to a size 20, started self-harming and refused to leave the house for fear of being bullied.

“I would turn to food as a comfort and it would take away everything that had been hurting me," says Ellie, who admits she couldn't walk without getting out of breath.

“I’m not happy with the way I look. I’m not confident with my weight.

“When I look in the mirror I see just a big girl and I don’t like going out as much because I feel like people are going to judge me."

And she lays the blame firmly at the door of mum Paula – whose five jobs mean she's rarely at home to supervise her eating.

In a video message to a tearful Paula, Ellie – from Dodworth in Sourth Yorkshire – snipes, "Mum, it's your fault I'm fat.

"I think that through the years you have not been as tough on me as you should be. I think you should be able to say no and not give me money to go to the shop and buy unhealthy things."

She then floors her mum with a disturbing revelation, admitting that as well as self-harming, she also thought about killing herself.

"When she said she didn't want to be here anymore that really broke my heart," Paula sobs before admitting to a friend that she doesn't feel she's completely to blame for her daughter's 'lazy' habits.

"I feel like I've neglected her in a way, I'm so busy in life itself you just assume she's okay," she says.

"For her to say to me you're the reason I am like I am weight-wise, I was like whoa. I wanted to go into defence mode but I'm her mum and I do have to take responsibility."

Describing Ellie as a 'secret binge eater', she tells her daughter the time has come to "take responsibility for what you put in your mouth."

In a show of support, she joins her on a six-week diet and fitness plan that halves their daily calories to 1,500.

Instead of gorging on chocolate and crisps, they're allowed a juice, two balanced meals and three healthy snacks and must undergo gruelling training sessions.

There's a sobering moment at their initial fitness assessment when it's revealed Ellie has a 45-inch waist and a body-fat percentage of 45 per cent – more than double the 19-22 percent it should be.

Delivering the worrying news, personal trainer Matt warns her that if left unchecked, her weight could be a death sentence.

“Your body indicates a lot of high body fat around internal organs like your liver, kidneys, heart," he says.

“At the age of 18, something tells me we’d be in a little bit of trouble healthwise.

“From the measurements it’s not looking good at all because this has been progressive. It hasn’t happened in the past six weeks or six months.

“As this health deteriorates, so will your life, quality of life and life span.”

But will Matt's words be enough for her to turn things around for good? Or will the temptation prove to be too much?

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