Superman and Lois: How to watch Superman and Lois in the UK

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in Batman v Superman

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Superman and Lois is the latest series inspired by DC Comics and it has just landed on The CW in America. The series, which has links to Arrowverse, was produced in Vancouver and it stars Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch as the titular characters. has all you need to know about how to stream the series in the UK.

How to watch Superman and Lois in the UK

Superman and Lois is a fresh take on a classic story as it sees Clark Kent and Lois Lane navigate modern-day life.

They are both faced with being parents alongside their day jobs as a superhero and a renowned journalist.

The title characters now have two sons who may inherit their father’s superpowers.

The family has returned to Smallville to settle some personal business, but there is always a villain looking to stir things up.

There are 15 episodes in the first season and they are airing weekly on Tuesdays on The CW.

Unfortunately, fans in the UK will not have access to the new series for some time.

No broadcaster is currently signed up to become home to the series, but DC fanatics hope someone comes forward soon.

Arrowverse shows that have already made their way to the UK usually end up on Sky One.

Batwoman has also been airing on E4 and Black Lightning is on Netflix.

The series may not arrive in the UK until it has finished airing in America.

With this in mind, viewers may not be able to access Superman and Lois until June 2021.

The series has been picked up elsewhere around the world, with Australian viewers able to watch the series on Fox 8 and Express.

Those in Canada have been able to watch the debut episode on the CTV Sci-Fi channel.

The debut episode shows the couple raising their two children – Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan Kent (Alex Garfin).

Clark also received a double dose of harrowing news and a mysterious character known as the stranger was introduced.

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Fans have responded positively to the new series, with one saying on Twitter: “Not going to lie, watched Supes for 40 plus years… this version matches where I am at now.

“Really enjoyed the balance of classic and Arrowverse. Lots of promise.”

Another said: “Nice job #CDub, cast did a superb job in episode 1 and looking forward to watching this new incarnation of Lex (Capitan Luthor) in action.”

Fans in the UK are still able to watch the trailer for the series on YouTube if they are after some early insight.

The trailer showed Clark revealing his true identity to his sons, as both parents feared it would be more dangerous for them not to know who he really is.

He proceeded to lift a truck above his head while levitating in the air and his sons watched on in shock.

Clark believed the truth would keep his family together, but others warned him it would tear them apart.

UK fans are already expressing their excitement and they hope the series will arrive soon.

One said on Twitter: “No word on when #SupermanAndLois is coming to the UK, but from what I’ve seen it looks pretty great.

“I loved the old Lois and Clark TV show, and something that has really been missing from Superhero media in general has been *smaller* stories, especially with big names.”

Superman and Lois is available to watch on The CW

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