Susanna Reid insists her children are ‘legitimate’ as she defends ‘personal’ choice not to marry during fiery GMB debate

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Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid has opened up about her “personal choice” not to marry in a fiery debate about relationships on the ITV breakfast show.

Susanna was in a long-term relationship with Dominic Cotton for 16 years, and the pair had three sons together before they parted ways in 2014.

But during a segment on today’s show asking whether marriage was sexist, one of the guests implied that children were “illegitimate” if their parents had not tied the knot.

Jeni Barnett said that she had only got married to her partner “so that the child became legitimate.”

A visibly shocked Susanna, 50, fired back, saying: “It’s a bit of an old fashioned idea that children are ‘illegitimate’ if you’re not married?”

She added: “Children are legitimate whether you’re married or not!”

And when the debate, which also featured Strictly Come Dancing star Debbie McGee, had wrapped up, Susanna directly addressed her three boys.

She said: “[I’ve] never been married, no. And I’d just like to say to the children, you are not illegitimate, whatever the convention says.”

Susanna’s temporary co-host Adil Ray then pushed her further on why she had decided to not walk down the aisle.

He asked: “But is your reason for not getting married, similar to what Jeni was saying at the beginning – you just weren’t really… or against the idea of marriage, or…?”

Susanna once again hit back by saying it was “just a personal choice” before moving the conversation swiftly on.

Adil picked up that that’s all that Susanna was willing to say on the matter, turning to the camera and winking as he said: “I think that’s all we’re going to get out of her!” as Susanna laughed along.

Good Morning Britain viewers can expect plenty more memorable debates in next week’s instalments of the show when Susanna is joined by a new guest co-host – Alastair Campbell – for three days.

Speaking about his anticipated GMB debut, former Strictly contestant Susanna said in a teaser trailer: “Joining me next week is a special guest presenter – someone to provoke strong reaction and lively debate.”

She continued: “Someone to tackle the big issues and speak in a language that real people understand.”

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays from 6am on ITV

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