Susanna Reid stuns Piers Morgan as she pulls open her top after he insisted she loves people talking about her cleavage

SUSANNA Reid stunned Piers Morgan this morning as she pulled open her top on air.

The 55-year-old insisted his co-host loves people talking about her cleavage – and just pretends to hate it.

He made the claims in an interview with The Sun's TV Mag – and brought it up on Good Morning Britain.

Piers said: "You are appropriately dressed for all the stories about you getting your…. out."

Instead of getting his usual eye roll from Susanna, the 50-year-old made viewers choke on their cornflakes as she flashed her cleavage.

It left Piers in hysterics at Susanna's unexpected move.

Susanna made headlines after wearing a "sexy cleavage dress" on the ITV show in January.

While Susanna has hit out at the criticism – insisting "women have boobs" – Piers claims his co-presenter loves the attention.

Speaking to The Sun's TV Mag this weekend, Piers said: "It was quite funny because normally she would hate that kind of stuff, she likes to pretend she hates it, but then I don’t think she does.

"I’ve always had a theory that she loves it but pretends to hate it. When she turned 50 something changed because about three days later she was voted best bottom in the world or something, including JLo and Beyoncé, and she couldn’t have been happier.

"Then this time, she not only did her cleavage get national attention, but then you lot put her on the front page then did a whole page inside about Miss Perfect, with every body part being described as utter perfection.

"Susanna was like, what the hell, I've turned 50, normally I wouldn’t like this kind of objectification but f*** it I’m loving it! (laughs) I thought that was funny because there must come a point where you think, thank god they are still noticing."

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