Tamron Hall Says She Keeps in Touch With These 'Today Show' Hosts

Since Tamron Hall’s departure from the Today Show in February 2017, the former co-host has been quite busy in both her professional and personal life. She married Head of Music Talent at Primary Wave Entertainment Steve Greener earlier this year, and the couple welcomed their first child, son Moses, in April. On September 9, she kicks off her highly anticipated talk show, Tamron Hall.

Many still remember Hall’s controversial exit from Today after hearing that Megyn Kelly was hired by NBC and would be taking over her 9 a.m. time slot. Some fans wonder if Hall still stays in contact with any of her former co-hosts.

Competition from Clarkson

Hall is planning on having a well-rounded talk show, covering substantive issues and well as fun and lighthearted topics. She is hoping to implement a classic format, following in the footsteps of talk show legend Oprah Winfrey.

The former Today Showco-host realizes there are other new shows launching at the same time as hers.Kelly Clarkson’s program is one that keeps being brought to her attention. “There’snot a head to head. Anyone who would write, ‘oh there’s a battle’ is simplylooking for a headline,” Hall told GoodHousekeeping. “Kelly Clarkson will have a phenomenal show and I’m notjust saying that, I’m saying that because I’m a fan of hers on AmericanIdol, and she’s a fun-loving person. Her show is going to be different frommine, but we’re still talking.”

Hall describes how she will differentiate her show from others vying for viewers. “We can have a segment on any given day in the culture of what you and I would be talking about with our friends,” she explained. “You guys got married? Oh, y’all broke up? What are the tips? Multi-million dollar companies are built on love, so let’s talk about it.”

‘Today Show’ ties

The talk showhost has recently discussed her departure from the iconic NBC morning program,and how she came to the decision to leave. “I think it was being willing tobe vulnerable, being willing to say that it was embarrassing, it hurt, I was onthe mat, but having people around me say, ‘You don’t have to stay down,’” Hall told EntertainmentTonight last month “And that really is what our show is about. At yourlowest point, you’re not the only one going through that.”

When asked about Kelly’s brief stint on the network due to her being released from her contract for controversial blackface comments, Hall had little to say. “I think that she did her best, I’m going to assume. You don’t take a big spot like that and not do your best,” she said. “I’m going to do my best in my show, but I’ve never met her. We don’t have a personal relationship.”

Though the circumstances surrounding Hall’s departure from the Today Show weren’t ideal, she formed some unbreakable bonds during her tenure on the program. “Listen, you don’t just work somewhere for 10 years and not have relationships. Savannah Guthrie was one of the first people who knew about Moses and I called her for advice during my IVF journey,” Hall said regarding her 4-month-old son. “Al Roker, are you kidding me? Life without Al is no life for me. That’s the real part of it. We’ve all left jobs before. Some people you probably never want to talk to again, but there are many others that you form a life bond.”

Keeping her private life private

While her Today Show exit drew some headlines, Hall wasdetermined to keep her more personal happenings under wraps. She clearly did agood job, since many were surprised when she announced her marriage to Greenerand pregnancy in a March Instagram post.

Hall explained their discretion as a way of preserving their marriage, and allowing Greener to stay out of potential tabloid headline. “For him, he wants my show to make it, but he wants our marriage to work and he knows part of that is maintaining this foundation and him being comfortable with who he is and not pushed into someone he isn’t,” she told Good Housekeeping. “We’re an interracial couple, we’re both older parents, he’s from the Bronx, I’m from Texas, that alone is a divide. We knew we wanted to prepare ourselves for what this exciting journey would bring.”

Now, Hall is focused on her family and new project, with a fresh sense of identity. “We are not the biggest job we’ve landed,” she shared. “We are not, even with motherhood, I love my son … [but] even he is not the total sum of my journey … I’m not Tamron from the Today show. I’m Tamron.”

Tamron Hall premieres onSeptember 9!

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