Teen Mom Amber Portwood fears running into baby daddy Andrew when she returns to hometown as custody battle drags on

TEEN Mom star Amber Portwood has admitted she is anxious about bumping into Andrew Glennon on a trip back to her hometown.

Amber, 30, is currently embroiled in a bitter custody battle with Andrew over their son James, two, and is nervous to see her baby daddy.

In a preview clip for Tuesday night's Teen Mom OG, Amber is invited on a boating trip by ex-fiancé Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina.

"We'll probably go to Giest, near your old crib. The one you used to have… It's Andrew's now," Gary tells Amber.

Looking nervous, Amber tells Gary and Kristina: "I just don't want to run into anyone or anything or…"

Trying to convince herself, the MTV star adds: "We'll be fine. We'll be just fine."

Gary also asked Amber if she misses her house, to which she replied: "Do I miss my house? Yeah. I sure do."

Although she is still in Indiana, Amber is currently living a considerable distance away from Andrew and James in a rental home.

The exes are due in court this month as their custody battle over James rumbles on.

A source close to Amber recently told The Sun she is “really hurt” over the amount of time she has lost with her youngest child. 

The insider said: “Amber has to drive four hours in one day to see him. She has lost so much time with him. She sees him three days a week.”

Amber, who is also mom to daughter Leah, 12, with Gary, is “fighting for her son”.

The source continued: “She has such a great relationship with Gary. She has never had to fight like this before. She wants at least half custody. That’s much more equal and much more time with James.”

Andrew filed for primary custody of James after Amber was arrested for domestic violence against the cinematographer in July 2019. 

She remains on probation from the arrest. 

Last month, The Sun exclusively revealed that Amber has claimed in court papers that Andrew went against their custody agreement and refused to let her see their son the week of Christmas.

She requested the court grant a restraining order to stop him from interfering with her parenting time. 

Andrew, however, is fighting back against her allegations by filing a series of claims in opposition to Amber's request.

Meanwhile, despite her happy boat trip with Gary and Kristina, Amber recently made a series of allegations against her first baby daddy that shocked fans.

Amber claimed her ex-husband told her "you miss Big Daddy" and "made her lie on top of him".

In a video published by Teen Mom Tea, the mother-of-two recounted: "How many times did we talk about sexual encounters that we used to have?

"How many times did you sit there and say 'oh, you're missing big daddy'?

"I mean, there's even one incident where I was super super sad, you're the one that sat on the couch, brought me, lied down, forced me to lie down on you, put your arm around my waist, underneath my boob and started rubbing on my head."

She also branded Gary and his current wife, Kristina, as "gross", "cheaters" and "two-faced liars".

Amber's shock claims followed the Teen Mom Season 9 premiere, which saw Gary complain about continually having to help out his first baby mama.

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