Teen Mom Bristol Palin's son Tripp, 11, hospitalized while visiting dad Levi Johnston in Alaska

TEEN Mom Bristol Palin's son Tripp, 11,has been hospitalized on a visit to see dad Levi Johnston in Alaska.

Levi's wife Sunny shared a picture of Tripp lying down in a hospital bed and holding his dad's hand, writing "The bond between these two".

Bristol – who split from Levi for good in 2010 – is yet to comment on Tripp's hospitalization.

The reality star is also mom to daughters Sailor, 4, and Atlee, 3, with ex Dakota Meyer.

Bristol and Dakota divorced in 2018, and it now appears she’s moving on with Zach Powers, though she wants to try to keep her new romance “private.”

Earlier this month she shared a video of her date out by the water with Zach and asked fans if they had any questions for her.

Of course, her almost 600,000 followers wanted confirmation that he’s her “new man.”

After trying to shy away from the question with an emoji of a monkey shielding its face, Bristol added: “Lol, surprisingly, there’s quite a bit that I’m able to keep pretty private.”

Bristol had been living the single life after splitting from ex-boyfriend Janson Moore, who she dated for just a few months before ending things.

The daughter of former Republican politician Sarah Palin split from ex-husband Dakota in 2018, and their relationship and its end was played out on screen during MTV’s Teen Mom.

The Dancing With The Stars alums said she hit "rock bottom" after the divorce, which left her feeling like a "complete loser.”

A year after the split, she looked back on the end of her marriage and realized: "God's good, that is all."

She made sure to let fans "know that there is light at the end of every single tunnel.”

She added: ”Sometimes it’s hard to not feel like a complete loser with having another scarlet letter plastered to your forehead.. (add that to getting knocked up at 17 + two baby daddies.. just rackin’ those letters up y’all).

"In all seriousness though – no matter what life throws your way, know that there is light at the end of every single tunnel, and the sun will always rise.

"God has a plan over all of our lives, and hitting rock bottom – like a year ago felt for me – is undoubtedly, an opportunity to be rebuilt better than before.”

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