Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's mom Debra, 63, slammed as 'desperate' as she dances around her living room in sheer bodysuit

TEEN Mom fans slammed Farrah Abraham's mom Debra after she shared a new video of her dancing in a sheer bodysuit.

The 63-year-old rapper, who goes by the name DebzOG, hopped around her living room in a see-through ensemble, leading followers to label her as “desperate.”

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Debra recently uploaded an Instagram video of her dancing around in sheer black pants and a mesh Louis Vuitton print top, revealing her bra and thong underwear.

She captioned the clip: "As you can see, I am EXCITED for my new album to be released for you all soon ;)."

Fans on Reddit mocked Farrah’s mom, who has been working on her music career and plans on releasing a full album soon, over the “bizarre” clip.

One user joked: “When you order Madonna on Wish.”

Another couldn’t “believe” DebzOG is still trying to be a rapper and posting videos of herself wearing revealing clothing to promote her music.

A third wrote: “Omg she needs to stop.. Seriously just stoppp😭😭”

Others called the video a “literal nightmare” and said they “so do not understand her life.”

One Teen Mom fan claimed Debra is the reason why her daughter, Farrah, “is so messed up.”

The Redditer added of the 63-year-old: “Woman is how old desperate for clout, haha nice!!”

Last week, Deb had fans worried after posting a clip of her singing along to one of her songs during a short workout video, with viewers begging her to “please stop.”

The 63-year-old has fans concerned with her career choice, especially as many think she “can’t sing to save her life.”

Debra's previously worn other daring outfits, including blue cut-out pants and a black leather halter top, to promote her music.

Farrah’s mom has previously defended her music, including her music video, White Woman’s Rap, as fans criticized her scantily-clad outfits and “off the rails” dance moves. 

Debra said of her work: “A lot of people don’t realize I am a singer and rapper. I’m not on drugs, I’m not high, I’m an artist.

"I love music. What you see in my videos is who I am. I want this to be about my music and my music career."

She continued: “The fact that I am in my own lane. I’m trying to encourage and inspire people who have dreams and feel like they are too old or not talented enough.

"I am here to tell them they have to believe in themselves. That’s the point of my music. To have courage, tenacity and to just do it."

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