Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry slammed for claiming she 'didn't want to pay' for son Lincoln's X-rays after he was rushed to ER

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry was slammed by fans for treating her son Lincoln like the "least favorite" child after she "didn't want to pay" for his X-rays in the emergency room.

The reality star had to "rush" her 7-year-old son to the hospital after he hit his head and was "gushing blood" from his nose.

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Kailyn, 28, spoke about the terrifying moment in her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast with co-host Vee Rivera.

After explaining her need to race to the emergency room due to the magnitude of blood leaving her child's nose, the TV personality shocked fans when she told the nurse she "didn't want to pay" for her son's X-rays.

In revealing her conversation with the medical professionals, the mom of four explained: "They just said that for broken nose it's hard to tell cause they have so much cartilage.

"They could do an X-ray but I was like 'I don't really want to pay for that' so he was fine.

"It stopped bleeding at that point, and he was like 'it doesn't hurt,' he was like, 'it's fine.'"

Fans were shocked by the decision, as many slammed her for excessive spending in other areas of life while choosing to deny her son medical attention.

"But she bought 87 dream homes and paid for 4,268 lingerie shoots so…." one reminded while another agreed: "But she can buy a new SUV?"

"Wtf? Does she not have insurance?" another asked, adding: "She's got plenty of money, no excuse for this and I'm generally a fan of hers. What a joke."

Another referenced previous claims that Kailyn had chosen favorites with her four sons, as many believe Lux to be her golden child.

They reasoned: "Lincoln always getting treated like he's her least favorite it's obvious."

Others hopped to defend the young mother, one claiming: "It's her son & she knows what's best for him & who says that she has to make him get an X-ray if she doesn't want to?

"I'm sure that he's fine & if she felt that he needed it she would've gotten it. Stop worrying about business that's not paying you! HE'S HER CHILD NOT ANY OF YOURS!"

"And? She must have not found it necessary. She knows her son wtf. Why is this an issue. To many mom shamers. Holy," another agreed.

Lincoln's injury occurred while playing a game of cops and robbers with his little brother and mom when he "smacked his face on the back of the couch."

Kailyn described the encounter: "Lincoln already gets nose bleeds on a regular basis. But instantly, he was like mom, there's blood just gushing…

"This one was going on for over 20 minutes… Maybe it's broken. I'm panicking now.

'We went through an entire roll of paper towels- I'm talking an entire roll. And every time I take it off it's just dripping into his mouth. It's everywhere."

The worried mom then rushed her son to the hospital, because the blood was "like a literal crime scene, and I've never seen a nose bleed that bad…"

Though the child claimed his injury "didn't even hurt" he was left with some light bruising.

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