‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Michelle Young Sends Someone Home for Spreading Misinformation

In a new episode of the ABC dating competition show, Michelle decides to confront Jamie who previously told her about others’ suspicion on her and Joe’s relationship prior to the show.

AceShowbiz -In a new episode of “The Bachelorette“, Michelle Young continued to deal with allegations that she knew Joe before joining the show. At one point, she decided to confront Jamie who told her about others’ suspicion on her and Joe’s relationship, but before that, she went on a group date with Martin, LT, Olu, Spencer, Clayton, Nayte, Joe, Rick, Will and Peter.

In the “Top Gun“-themed group date, the men did pushups and tested their stomachs in the G-force simulator. They also had to confess to Michelle how they felt about her while spinning on the machine. Will eventually won the challenged and was awarded with a moment together with Michelle. They spent some time in a vintage car, where they shared a kiss.

At the afterparty, Will and Peter continued their beef. “You’re intimated by me,” Peter said, before he ragged on Will’s winner’s jacket and threw it in the pool. Of Peter’s action, Will said in a confessional, “I was hurt beyond words. I earned that jacket. That jacket was mine. Not only because it was mine, it’s the meaning behind it. It meant that ultimately through any obstacle that Michelle and I go through in life, I’m going to be there to overcome that, and Peter had to ruin it.”

It was time for Michelle to hand out the group date rose, and she gave it to Martin. “Martin, you listened and pulled me aside during our group date, which meant a lot,” she said. The pair then spent the night together dancing to a live orchestral performance of “Take My Breath Away.” She said in a confessional, “I don’t think it could have gone more perfectly. I feel lucky to have such a wonderful group of men.”

Later, Michelle had a one-on-one date with Rodney. They played Truth or Dare with Rodney conducting a blind taste test. For the next dare, Rodney stripped down and went to the lobby, yelling “this is our journey” in front of everyone. Later during the truth, the pair opened up about their biggest fears.

Rodney said that he was afraid of dying before he becomes a husband and father. As for Michelle, she said that she had “fear of being complacent.” Rodney then told Michelle, “You make it very easy to be yourself and for me to be me, and I need that. I never want to hide who I am.”

During the date, Michelle opened up about her past relationship with non-Black partner, who didn’t understand her response to being called the n-word at the grocery store. Michelle eventually presented Rodney a rose.

For the second group date, Michelle was joined by Leroy, Chris G., Jamie, Casey, Mollique, Chris S., Brandon and Romeo. The date saw the men writing a poem under the guidance of poet Rudy Francisco. The date allowed them to be vulnerable, but Michelle decided to give her rose to Brandon.

“It’s an extreme privilege to have a second rose on a group date, to know that she likes me for me,” he said. “I’m absolutely crazy about this woman. I’m smitten.”

It was time for the cocktail party, where Rick set the record straight to Michelle about the allegations that the guys questioned her character. “That couldn’t have been anything farther from the truth because I’ve gotten close with all the guys here, none of them was ever questioning your character,” he told Michelle. “I feel like that person could’ve done it for a few reasons, like trying to earn your trust and also trying to help themselves and put other people under the bus.”

Michelle then revealed that it was Jamie who told her about the matter, noting that it was “red flag” for her. After telling Nayte and Casey about Jamie, they confronted the latter. “I feel like nobody in the house was talking about it,” Nayte said to Jamie. When asked to name names, Jamie replied, “I don’t have specific names because I wasn’t part of conversations.”

Later that night, Jamie told everyone, “It was the open speculation in the house of people talking about the potential of you knowing each other that essentially created its own monster that had the potential to challenge both characters longterm.”

Michelle responded, “By you trying to be proactive for me, you brought this characteristic and this question into this entire world. It became a thing that it wasn’t and that’s where I’m really struggling with you right now.” She then told Jamie, “I feel like our trust was completely broken.”

“I’m very hurt by you right now,” she added. “I don’t trust you at this moment and I have to be done with it. And so I do think it’s best that I walk you out tonight.”

At the rose ceremony, Michelle gave her roses to Joe, Rick, Leory, Nayte, Casey, Chris G., Chris S., Clayton, Olu, Romeo and Will. Meanwhile, Spencer, Peter, Mollique and LT were eliminated.

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