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THE Bay fans are convinced they've already rumbled the killer’s identity just minutes into series four.

The ITV drama returned on Wednesday night in dramatic fashion, as the police had to deal with the death of a mother following a house fire.

The episode opened with Dean Metcalf (Joe Armstrong) calling his wife Beth (Victoria Elliot) on her mobile while he was at work.

He asked why she hadn't gone out with her friend as planned, but she explained her pal was sick so they had rescheduled.

Suddenly, a loud crash was heard at the house, and when Beth looked out the window, she saw someone hopping over the fence away from the property.

Beth quickly realised a fire had broken out at the house, so she got the children out of the house before searching for the family dog.

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She managed to find the pooch, but by then the fire had spread and she was trapped upstairs in one room, as Dean arrived and could only watch on as there was an explosion and Beth was killed.

However, The Bay fans grew suspicious of the fact that Dean just stared at the window and ignored his children, not a tear in sight.

Sharing their suspicions on Twitter, one wrote: "Early theory. The husband said I thought you lot were out. Torched it for insurance money?"

Another tweeted: "Husband thought the wife was going to be out I hope it's not an insurance job gone wrong."

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A third added: "Insurance fraud that's gone wrong??? What a horrible way to die…"

Meanwhile a fourth shared: "anyone else think it’s the husband – arranging arson for the insurance to prop up his failing business?"

They aren't the only ones who suspect Dean could be involved, as DS Jenn Townsend (Marsha Thomason) also shared her suspicions.

As the police started to look at the couple's finances, she said: "Dean said they were supposed to be out last night.

"He's angry, he's all over the shop but you don't get the sense that he is upset. There is something shut off about it."

The Bay airs on ITV1 and is available on ITVX.

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