The 'Behind Her Eyes' Ending Is So Wild and We Need to Talk About It Immediately

If Behind Your Eyes fills you with an uneasy feeling you can’t quite place from the very beginning, but at the same time can’t stop binging, you’re not alone. Behind Your Eyes has a secret that literally changed everything when it is finally revealed. How does one capture the over-the-top erotic thriller energy from iconic films like Basic Instinct, Indecent Proposal, and Fatal Attraction? With a bonkers twist that nobody saw coming — unless, of course, you’ve read Sarah Pinborough’s novel.

If you’re dying for spoilers… or if you’ve seen the show and are still confused as to WTF that ending is all about, come on this journey with me as we try to parse it out together. Seriously, even Netflix’s official Twitter account is teasing this as the “series with *THAT* twist ending,” almost as if they knew helpful articles like this one were coming.

What… did I just witness at the end of this show?

Okay, are you ready? The big question at the end of Behind Her Eyes is whether Louise (Simona Brown) killed her boyfriend David’s (Tom Bateman) wife Adele (Eve Hewson) and then married him, or did Adele swap bodies with Louise and kill her? Both are wrong! Sure, there’s some body-swapping nonsense going on. But there’s a fourth, villainous, party present who orchestrated the whole thing. His name is Rob (Robert Aramayo), and he has been astral projecting into Adele this whole time before hopping into Louise’s body.

Like any good twist, this re-contextualizes the entire show you’ve just watched. Now we know that any time we’ve seen “Adele” in the present that’s actually been her friend Rob from rehab. You can tell by the cold, unfeeling bob haircut. It feels very “I’m not actually supposed to be in this body.” The real Adele has been dead the whole time. Once Rob gained control of Adele’s body after their stint in rehab, he killed Adele (who was in his body, making it look like he was dead) and left to live happily ever after with David, Adele’s husband. You know how guys are always trying to steal your man by literally taking control of your body? Ugh, annoying!

When Rob discovered David was having an affair with Louise, he befriended her (as Adele, obvs) in order to gain her trust, gave Louise fake diary entries a la Gone Girl “from Rob” to turn her against David, and then taught her how to astral project. Rob then tricked Louise into projecting her consciousness into Adele’s empty shell of a body, they swapped, and then he killed Louise while she was in Adele’s body. So now the person who used to be Louise is dead too, and Rob continues to live (with David) masquerading as Louise. Is it super problematic that a queer white man took agency of a Black woman’s body at the end of this show? Absolutely! Yikes, y’all! Get Out, much? And speaking of Jordan Peele movies… Us, much?

How does this work, exactly?

Behind Her Eyes draws a supernatural connection between lucid dreaming and dissociating your soul, or “astral body,” to other places and/or people. Feels like something out of a comic book, but, sure! If anyone wants to teach me how to astral project so I can ride the rest of the pandemic out in New Zealand, HMU!

Rob can also watch people without them noticing. When Louise does this by accident, she puts two and two together and realizes that someone has been spying on her — but she thinks it’s Adele. She doesn’t, to my knowledge, ever figure out that it’s Rob.

Was David aware of this situation?

That part’s a little fuzzy. You would think that, if he was aware that Rob was in Adele’s body, he would have been a little more direct with Louise about why exactly she should stay away from Rob/Adele. He told her to stay away, which makes me think he had some idea what’s up. But at the same time, he seemed to have just resigned himself to the idea that his wife is bonkers, which is a real bummer. If the show gets a season 2, maybe he’ll finally realize exactly how trapped he is.

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