The Chase's Bradley Walsh left crying with laughter as Anne Hegerty is stumped by VERY rude answer

THE Chase's Bradley Walsh was left crying with laughter after Anne Hegerty was stumped by a VERY rude answer.

Tuesday's episode of the ITV quiz show saw contestant Michael take on 'The Governess' in the main game.

The pair were faced with a question about art, with Bradley, 60, asking: "Which of these is a painting by Vincent Van Gogh?”

The possible answers were: “A) Lying Mare, B) Lying Hound, or C) Lying Cow.”

The third option cracked Bradley up as he laughed: "Only on this show could you do that. Absolutely brilliant!"

Michael chose answer B, Lying Hound, and Bradley added with another giggle: "It's not gonna be Lying Cow."

But to Bradley's surprise, Lying Cow was in fact the correct answer, causing him to laugh hysterically along with the audience.

Wiping tears from his face he cried: "I love this show!"

As Anne tried to keep looking stern, Bradley added: "This is great, Lying Cow, absolutely brilliant."

His attention then turned to Anne and whether she had got the answer right.

He said: "Chaser's put… she won't get this. Not in a million year. So obscure this painting."

His instinct was right, as it was revealed Anne had gone for A, Lying Mare as her answer.

Sadly for Michael, Anne got her others answers right and caught him, meaning he didn't join his team mates in the Final Chase.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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