The Chase’s surprising backstage secrets from outfit rules to Bradley meeting

A former contestant on The Chase has revealed the behind the scene secrets on the family favourite quiz show.

Speaking to The Sun, Marco Spiro said that after getting the call that he had made it as a contestant, it took three and a half years to actually get on the show.

Marco explained: "I applied on my gap year in 2010. I went along to an interview day where they did a few tests and a few group exercises,” he explained.

"I heard nothing about it; I used to get periodic emails, probably once a year, saying I was still on their database for as and when a slot became available, but I thought nothing of it. I thought it had been too long.

"Then about two weeks before my final exam at university I got a call out of the blue asking if I wanted to come down, as they had a slot on this day which was actually the day before my final exam. But I was like, yeah, why not."

He said he decided to apply after seeing how much easier the application process was compared to other game shows, asking only for a name, age, date of birth and availability.

Marco went to an interview day where they did a mock-up of the show where producers tested the potential contestants on how well they interacted with the team.

Marco said: "I think they look for people who are relaxed and chilled out on screen. The Chase is quite an interactive show, it's more about the people on it than the actual questions.”

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He drove down from uni to appear on the show and noted that it was “really weird” as “there’s no audience, so it’s really quiet and the studio is much smaller than it seems on the telly.”

He further explained that contestants do not get to choose what they wear, instead being asked to bring three unbranded shirts and pairs of trousers before giving them to the personal dresser who makes the final decision.

Contestants are then treated to a coffee and bacon roll in the green room before they were taken to set, where they were finally able to meet host Bradley Walsh.

Marco recalled: "He was really friendly, he’s pretty much as he seems on the show.

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"You talk to him for five or 10 minutes before the filming starts. He’s a big Arsenal fan, and so am I, so we had that common ground initially.”

Marco confessed that the show keeps the identity of which Chaser they will face a total secret from the competitors.

"That’s the one thing they keep completely secret," he said.

"I don’t know where the Chaser dressing room is or anything. Until they walk out onto the stage you don’t have a clue.”

Marco also revealed that filming takes three hours to complete and they film three episodes back to back in a day.

He added: “What really shocked me was when the Chaser – Anne Hegerty – got a really easy question wrong.

"I’m not sure whether she was told to get it wrong, I can’t imagine that she would be, but the question was, 'Carl of Denmark puts his name to what beer?’

"I just think that’s off the bat, really, really easy – even people I’ve spoken to who don’t drink beer, you think, ‘Carl, Carlsberg’. But she said Kronenburg. But in the heat of the moment, you don’t know."

Luckily for Marco he was able to get to the final chase with one other player and they managed to beat The Governess, bagging themselves £4,500 each.

"I took a few mates to Portugal on holiday and saved the rest," said Marco.

For those wanting to also go on the show, he suggested: "Be lively. Ultimately they want lively people because that makes good telly.

"You very rarely watch it and think bloody hell that guy’s boring. Just be calm, treat it as you’re sat in the pub doing a quiz.”

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