The Conners: Jackie Haunted by [Spoiler] on Eve of Lunch Box Revival

If AMC execs are looking to launch a fourth Walking Dead spinoff, they may find some inspiration in this week’s The Conners.

In tonight’s episode of the ABC comedy (8/7c, ABC), Jackie’s dream of exhuming the Lunch Box turns into a literal nightmare when, on the eve of the restaurant’s opening, she finds herself being terrorized by an army of zombies — all of which bear a striking resemblance to her mother Beverly. And if you thought living and breathing Beverly was a pill, wait until you get a load of her apocalyptic alter egos.

“Oh my god — the mold turned into mom!” Jackie screams upon witnessing Zombie Bev walk through one of the Lunch Box’s walls. After three more of them appear in quick succession, Jackie’s panic intensifies. “Go away!” she cries out as the pack of rapidly approaching ZB’s. “You’re ruining the grand opening! You’ve never supported me!”

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