The Crown season 3 trailer: Inside Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon’s stormy marriage

Netflix will be releasing The Crown season three on November 17 with all 10 episodes dropping at once. The series continues the House of Windsor saga with a brand new cast of actors portraying the Royal Family. The streaming platform has also released a brand-new trailer sharing more footage from the upcoming run.

The third run is going to be portraying the breakdown of the couple’s marriage.

One of the starkest moments from the trailer depicts Princess Margaret (played by Helen Bonham Carter) grabbed by the throat by her husband Lord Antony Armstrong-Jones (Ben Daniels).

Season two showed Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) finding some happiness with the photographer (Matthew Goode), however, he was depicted as a Lothario who gave up his contingent of lovers to marry the Royal. 

By the end of the second series, the seeds of discontent appeared to have been sewn as the couple spent little time together.

In real life, the couple sadly split in 1978 nearly two decades after they wed in 1960.

They had two children David, Viscount Linley born in 1961 and Lady Sarah who was born in 1964.

Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon were seen as a fashionable couple who spent time with celebrities and bohemians. Nevertheless, their relationship wasn’t fated to last. 

Speaking to, historian and Royal biographer Hugo Vickers previously said of the real-life union: “Well, it’s never easy when a marriage breaks down and speaking as a biographer when I’m writing about these things, I try to explain why a marriage breaks down without going into enormous detail about how it broke down.

“So what I would say though is [about] Princess Margaret, Lord Snowdon seems to be better served by his friends than she was by hers because he always came out of it smelling of roses and made a little speech saying how sad he was [the divorce] had happened. He’s quite a good actor in that respect.”

He continued: “Whenever a marriage breaks down, there’s always two sides to every story, we know that.

“If you want a generalised opinion, I think he got fed up with the whole thing and wanted to do other things. He wasn’t a particularly monogamous person.”

On how Lord Snowdon treated the Princess, Vickers said: “He would always let her down. He would do the most awful things to her.

“Sometimes they would be at a party together and they would be leaving and they would get to the door, so the press would start taking pictures, and then he’d just go back in again.

“She’d be left standing there. It’s not very nice, I’m afraid. He’s a very very brilliant man.”

Vickers added: “I knew him quite well and enjoyed many conversations with him and all that but I’m afraid he behaved very unkindly to her.

He said Princess Margaret didn’t want a divorce following her failed romance with Group Captain Peter Townsend (Ben Miles in The Crown).

However, she was left with little choice after Lord Snowdon’s soon-to-be second wife Lucy Lindsay-Hogg was pregnant with his child.

St James’ Palace declined to comment on the trailer when approached by

The Crown season 3 will be dropping on Netflix on Sunday, November 17

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