The Crown’s Diana star annoyed bosses over tricky scene

Prince Philip was 'hurt' by The Crown says Lady Glenconner

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Season five of The Crown has finally detailed the breakdown of the marriage between Prince Charles (played by Dominic West) and Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki), who finalised their divorce in 1997. Despite the controversy around the latest season of the hit Netflix drama, their final and longest scene together was a highlight of the series, although one small moment in the 12-minute-long conversation caused some problems during filming.

Actress Elizabeth revealed it took a whole day to nail down one bite-sized moment during Diana and Charles’ final scene in the fifth season of The Crown.

In episode nine, the royal couple finalises their divorce and finally sits down for a long conversation about what went wrong.

The scene lasted well over 10 minutes and provided a number of unique challenges for both the actors and the producers.

“Dom and I started calling it our ‘one-act play’,” Elizabeth recalled.

“We didn’t see each other much on set because the stories just don’t intertwine, really, until that point in the season.

“Every time I’d see him in the trailer, we’d always say, ‘When are we doing that play?’”

Although they were ostensibly married, Diana and Charles are rarely seen on screen together throughout the majority of The Crown’s fifth season.

Charles’ biggest moment of the season arrives when a private conversation between himself and Camilla Parker Bowles (Olivia Williams) is recorded and sold to the press.

However, their final discussion together proved a momentous point for the series and took a staggering three days to shoot just 12 minutes.

“[I took] an entire day making an omelette,” Elizabeth admitted at a Netflix press event.

“I’m not exaggerating. I think there’s 40 seconds of it in the scene.”

At one point in the sequence, Diana tries and fails to make Charles an omelette before she gives up and serves him scrambled eggs instead.

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Elizabeth added: “It was the day [showrunner] Peter [Morgan] came to set, and he got so grumpy, ‘Are you going to make that omelette all day?’”

Peter clearly wasn’t happy this small yet integral moment for the scene was taking up so much precious shooting time.

However, Elizabeth’s dedication clearly paid off, and the surrounding conversation has become the crux of the penultimate episode in what has been another revealing season of The Crown.

Cooking the omelette so many times also proved beneficial for the actors as the repetition helped them settle into what could have been a very daunting scene.

“I think I made 42 omelettes or something,” the actress continued.

“We were so relaxed after making the omelette 40 times that when we sat down at the kitchen table we knew inevitably that it was going to descend into this really painful place.

“[But] we were always laughing, still, about the scrambled eggs.”

Elizabeth then called Peter’s script for the episode “a gift”, and it has certainly proved an episode worth waiting for to fans who have been desperate to find out more about Charles and Diana’s tumultuous relationship.

The Crown seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix.

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