‘The Good Doctor’: Dear Lea, You’re Confusing Us

The Good Doctor Season 4, Episode 5 gave us another peek inside Shaun and Lea’s relationship. Lea was the ideal girlfriend for an entire episode. We’re confused.

Before, it looked like Lea was having second thoughts about Shaun–especially after her strange response when he said he loved her. Why the sudden change? Showbiz Cheat Sheet investigates.

Lea seems to run hot and cold

We were sure things were about to go downhill after Shaun and Lea’s recent exchange. After an argument during season 4, episode 3 (titled “Newbies”), Lea seemed to act differently toward him. When he says he loves her, she responds by saying, “Thank you for your total honesty.” After her passionate speech during the season 3 finale, you would think her immediate response would be, “I love you too.” However, she just thanked him.

This time, during season 4, episode 5 (titled “My Own Damn Fault,”) we see a new Lea. She’s sweet and thoughtful, and she’s playing the role of the extra supportive girlfriend. When she sees that Shaun is having a stressful time at work, she suggests a date night. However, during the previous episode, she didn’t even want to move in with him (she changed her mind later). Now, she’s the doting girlfriend.

During the date, Shaun mentions he still has research to complete on a case where a man is in danger of dying soon if someone doesn’t intervene. Instead of continuing with the date, Lea tells Shaun to go back to the hospital.

“Shaunie, go to the hospital,” Lea pleads. “Someone else needs you more than I need you.” Shen then proceeds to cancel their date night.

Is Lea selfish or not?

Lea’s suggestion is surprising, considering what she told Shaun about herself last season. During season 3, episode 16, after Shaun says he wants to date Lea, she tells him that she’s selfish, needy, and “a total mess.” She certainly didn’t seem selfish or needy during their recent date. So, which is it? Is Lea selfish and needy, or is she really a caring person deep down? We don’t know what to think.

Perhaps Lea just told Shaun she was selfish, needy, and a mess because she needed more time to process what was happening between them. She did tell him before that anything that would jeopardize their friendship wouldn’t be worth it to her. It’s possible she was pushing him away because she didn’t know how to respond or if a romantic relationship could work.

Fear might be playing a role in Lea running hot and cold

Lea might have initially been harsh with Shaun and turned him away because she wasn’t sure how to be in a relationship with someone different from her. She also might have been afraid of losing their friendship or hurting him. However, it appears Lea is starting to learn how to be a good girlfriend to Shaun (at least in this episode). We’ll see how it goes from here.

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