The Grand Tour release time: What time is Carnage A Trois on Amazon Prime?

The Grand Tour: Official trailer for Carnage A Trois

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The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois is set to be the next major UK road trip for Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May on Amazon Prime Video. The trio will be setting off from Welsh hills and travelling down to the English Channel for an explosive finale. Not only this, but the boys will be exploring the unusual world of French car culture during their travels.

What time will Carnage A Trois release?

The Grand Tour’s last special, Lochdown, premiered back in July, and the team has had a quick turnaround on their second UK-based challenge.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions, the production crew has been unable to film abroad.

However, they have still managed to produce another joyride for fans, as the boys leave Scotland and head for Wales.

Carnage A Trois will premiere on Friday, December 17, and will once again be a feature-length episode of the show.

Amazon Prime releases new content at 12am of the release date, so fans will be able to catch it bright and early.

Some shows and films have been known to release later, around 3am, but it is unlikely to release then or any later.

This is the second of potentially three UK-based specials, although it is likely the next will see the team leave the island for the third.

As the red list has been scrapped, production has more freedom to travel again without the risk of incurring fines.

It also matches what Hammond said on Lorraine earlier this year when referring to the Lochdown special. 

Hammond explained: “Well this is part one of a two-part series of two shows that we did while we weren’t able to travel to the other side of the world and had great fun doing.

“I can’t tell you anything about the second one or I’ll get shouted at.”

The team has been planning a special outside of the UK for a few years but it has been held back from filming due to the ongoing restrictions.  

What will happen in Carnage A Trois?

The special is set to be a strange mix of British roads and French car culture, similar to Lochdown’s clash of cultures between Scottish hillsides and massive American classic cars.

Filming took place back in April, with fans spotting the trio travelling across Wales.

While in Wales, the boys will attempt to drive up a mountain, investigate propeller-powered cars, and, of course, try their hand at defusing a bomb.

As expected, the main event will be a race from Wales all the way to the English Channel.

Once there, they will engage in a medieval climax, most likely protecting the UK from some vehicular Norman invasion.

If there are any surprise cameos along the way, Amazon Prime has not hinted at who could show up this time.

Lochdown didn’t feature any cameos due to the limitations put on filming, yet the crew could be much more flexible this time around.

The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois will premiere on December 17 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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