The Grand Tour’s Clarkson crashes into May as Amazon release trailer for Scotland special

The Grand Tour: Trailer released for Scottish 'Lochdown' special

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The Grand Tour fans have been eagerly awaiting the next special of the hit Amazon series ever since A Massive Hunt premiered on the streaming service back in December. Earlier this year, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May confirmed the next special would take place in the UK amid the coronavirus pandemic as the trio headed north to Scotland for their next adventure. Now, the first trailer for the new episode Lochdown has been released – and it certainly looks like fans won’t be disappointed.

In the first promo for the next Grand Tour special, titled Lochdown, the former Top Gear frontmen get back behind the wheel of their cars as they cross the border.

“We’re entering McScotland,” Jeremy says over his walkie-talkie as the presenters drive out of England.

Richard lets out a laugh before the action cuts to one of the nail-biting challenges the three will have to go through.

“This feels a bit perilous,” James can be seen saying as he tries to navigate over a flimsy, makeshift road erected over a lake.

“Oh God,” he adds as James becomes stuck on the platform and holds his head in his hands.

But in true Grand Tour fashion, James won’t be saved by the crew who could tow him away.

Instead, Jeremy gets on the end of his walkie-talkie to tell him: “I’ve had a brilliant idea.

“James May, here I come,” Jeremy says as he revs his car and speeds toward the back of James’ motor.

As Jeremy speeds towards an inevitable crash in order to dislodge his presenting pal, James screams: “Clarkson!”

The promo cuts short there, teeing up an exciting special fans won’t want to miss.

Sadly, a release date for the special wasn’t given, with the trailer instead simply stating it is coming soon.

However, it wasn’t the only new Grand Tour material released as Hammond, May and Clarkson got together in a separate clip released on the show’s Twitter page to promote the promo.

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“Good news,” Jeremy kicked off the video. “You’re able to watch a new trailer for our brand new Grand Tour special which we did in Scotland on our new TikTok account.”

Inevitably, it didn’t take long for the jokes to flow, as James weighed in: “But, only if you know what TikTok is and how to use it.”

“Yes, you’ve got to be modern,” Richard then teased. “Then you can see us on TikTok.”

Poking fun at his co-star, Jeremy turned to Richard to say: “You’ve never seen it, have you?”

“I have no idea what it is,” Richard admitted while James joked: “TikTok is the one that all ‘da kids’ use.”

Jeremy and James then try to explain to Richard the premise of the social media app, with James adding: “It’s amazing.”

“It’s brilliant,” Jeremy added, giving fans a taste of the chemistry and hilarious back and forth they can expect when Lochdown rolls around.

The Grand Tour seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.

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