The One Netflix: Can you really find the one through DNA matching?

The One: Netflix release trailer for new drama

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The One is streaming on Netflix now and the psychological thriller spent some time in the number one spot as part of the streaming platform’s top 10. The series follows MatchDNA founder, Rebecca Webb (played by Hannah Ware), who claims to discover a link between true love and DNA. A genetics expert has spoken exclusively to about whether it really is possible to find ‘the one’ through DNA matching.

Can you really find the one through DNA matching?

The One left fans on the edge of their seats as they watched relationships break down before their eyes.

The MatchDNA app destroyed happy couples as it made them question whether they were really destined to be with each other.

Rebecca had stolen her friend Ben’s (Amir El-Masry) data to see if there was any correlation between DNA and experiencing a true spark with someone.

However, the app proved to have negative impacts on people’s lives as they started to put science before their own hearts.

François Paillier, CEO of CircaGene DNA and Genetics, has spoken about the accuracy behind the concept.

Paillier said: “Genetics is progressing at an ever-increasing pace and every single day exciting new discoveries are made, triggering new hopes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of thousands of diseases.

“In the spectrum from pure gimmicks to real science, unfortunately, we find more indelicate ventures exploiting the hype of DNA in largely scientifically unsound services rather than clinically actionable genomics services based on real science.

“Hopefully, it will not discredit genomics science as long as people can distinguish between gimmicks and science-based services.

“Genetics always build discoveries on the initial intuition of geneticists, large cohort studies and in some cases successfully reaching ‘statistical significance’ even on highly complex human traits. Some traits are more complex than others and require huge work to identify their genetic basis, sometimes requiring the analysis of hundreds of thousands of persons over many years.

“Obviously, there is no such thing as a genetic test that will determine who is ‘the one’ for you. In the same way, no DNA test to determine how you vote, your sense of humour or which sauce you prefer on your French fries.”

The expert did say there was a certain link between DNA that can be a determinant of your love life. However, this link does not determine who you are “supposed to love”.

Paillier said: “Yes, love could certainly be defined as a complex biochemical landscape.

“In The One, this show depicts a dystopian world in which you can ‘Take the test. Find the one.’

“This private lab would supposedly offer the service to find the one you are genetically guaranteed to fall in love with.

“Is love a biochemical reaction? Do we have a genetic destiny in term of love? Respectively, yes, and no.

“Genetics typically accounts for about half of the correlation between environmental measures and psychological traits.

“Our genetically rich differences in personality makes us experience life differently and contribute to shape our sex and love needs.

“Yes, the influence of genetics – your personal DNA – is the main systematic force in your life. No need to freak out though. Genes are not destiny and we, fortunately, have free will even in terms of love life.”

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The genetics expert said the ‘genetics of love’ could one day be explored as a science, but there is no direct gene that would directly point someone to their ideal companion.

Paillier said: “More seriously, the different elements that shape your love life, are probably -and at different levels – linked to your biology.

“For example, Jockin and colleagues (1996) found that up to 40 percent of the variance in the heritability of divorce is from genetic factors that affect the personality of one spouse.

“Recent studies confirm that divorce, like marriage, has been found to be highly heritable.

“So, my geneticist standpoint is that complex traits are heritable but not inherited. You are more than your DNA. Your life experiences matter, your daily choices matter. I do not believe there is genetic destiny in terms of love life, even though your genetics may influence your probability to divorce.”

In the series, fans saw first-hand how couples were putting the MatchDNA app before their own instincts.

Hannah (Lois Chimimba) had been happily married to Mark (Eric Kofi-Abrefa) but as the app was being advertised everywhere, she started to question whether he was ‘the one’.

She took his DNA behind his back to find his match, Megan (Pallavi Sharda) and went to meet her to find out more about her.

Hannah’s obsession with the idea of a perfect match caused her marriage to break down.

In the end, Mark chose Hannah over Megan, but Megan has set out to get her revenge.

The One is streaming on Netflix now.

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