The Queen’s Gambit's Anya Taylor-Joy reveals what's next for Beth in Netflix's season 2 and beyond

THE Queen's Gambit actress Anya Taylor-Joy has revealed her fresh ideas for her chess-savvy character Beth Harmon – despite there being "no discussion" of a season two.

The screen star and model, who is the protagonist in Netflix's most popular mini-series of all time, dropped huge hints about what path she'd like her character to choose should there be a much-anticipated next instalment.

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Anya's character Beth starts out as an orphaned girl from Kentucky who discovers an incredible talent for chess, while developing a dependency on tranquilizers and pills at an early age.

The Queen's Gambit series finale sees her win at her career – becoming a world-famous chess player – and away from the board game, also beating her addiction demons.

Yet Miami-born Anya, 24, has teased at further plotlines for Beth, and told Deadline: "It’s so surreal and very wonderful that people want a second season, because we never thought about it, there was no discussion about it.

"That said, never say never in Hollywood. It would be very interesting to see how Beth would be as a mother, now that she’s sober and more cognisant of the demons that pull her down."

The Netflix series is based on the 1983 novel of the same name by Walter Tevis, and the limited series covered all of the books plot.

Yet Peaky Blinders star Anya has offered further hope there's more to come.

She told Town & Country: "If I've learned anything from being in this industry, it's never say never.

"I adore the character and I would certainly come back if I was asked to, but I do think we leave Beth in a good place."

She continued: "I think the rest of her life will surely be an adventure as well.

"But in the quest that she goes on in this to find some form of peace, just some form of being able to be happy with who she is.

"I think it ends in a nice place."

It comes after the self-deprecating actress said she was "too weird" looking and "not beautiful enough" to be a star.

Her co-star – former Harry Potter actor Harry Melling – also gave his thoughts on a possible season two, saying: ""It’d be good, right, a Queen’s Gambit part two?"

"The place we end in the limited series is the place we end in the book. I don’t know if there can be another one, but stranger things have happened."

The Queens Gambit has been watched by 62 million accounts since it premiered on Netflix October 23.

Yet it is worth noting that Netflix measures views on just two minutes of watching time as opposed to how other networks do metrics, although there is no doubting the show's popularity.

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