The Resident Sneak Peek: Gotham's Jessica Lucas Makes Her Debut — But Why the Cold Shoulder From Conrad?

The halls of Chastain Park Memorial are chilly, and it’s not because of Atlanta’s winter weather.

As seen in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s The Resident (Fox, 8/7c), the frosty atmosphere arrives at the same time that Gotham vet Jessica Lucas does. During the episode, titled “Requiems & Revivals,” Lucas makes her debut as Billie, a close friend and former Chastain colleague of Nic’s who returns to the hospital to support Nic after last week’s harrowing stabbing.

But despite Billie’s seemingly good intentions, the Chastain staff — namely Conrad — is none too pleased to see her, especially while Nic is now struggling with PTSD during her pregnancy. And though we’re not explicitly told what happened during Billie’s Chastain career to make her so loathed, Conrad offers a major hint at the end of the video below. (Lucas’ casting was first announced in December; she’s joining The Resident as a series regular for its current fourth season.)

Elsewhere in Episode 6, Chastain searches for a new CEO as the hospital transitions from private to public, Devon sees an opportunity to fix the system, and Bell asks a favor of his former stepson (returning guest star Conrad Ricamora).

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