The View fans demand show ‘fix issues’ after technical problems

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On Tuesday, Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin returned to the panel for a new episode of The View. As viewers tuned in to hear the co-hosts discuss current affairs, many were left enraged when the show experienced technical difficulties.

As the show kicked off, the women took to their seats as the excited audience cheered and welcomed the panellists.

Whoopi then introduced the first topic, which focused on former Vice President Mike Pence and his recent remarks about paternity leave, which many found offensive.

Although the discussion surrounding paternity pay remains a major concern for millions of Americans, some viewers were left distracted by the show’s audio issues.

As a result, they took to social media to air share their annoyance.

A concerned @johnwalterseip tweeted: “Hey @TheView it looks like your video & audio is out of sync @ABCNetwork #TheView.”

An angered @Barkeromo demanded: “#TheView Go to Commercial! Get the audio fixed!”

To which a third viewer responded: “Ok so it’s doing it for you too?”

@holleyr agreed: “Yeah they need to restart it or something.”

A fifth viewer asked: #TheView Is anyone else hearing odd audio? Odd audio?”

This was also the case for @amandolinwind, who added: “I have no audio for #TheView on @ABCNetwork. Anyone else? Other networks are fine.”

The audio issues weren’t addressed by any of the women but were seemingly fixed as the episode continued.

Elsewhere, fans watched the panellists disagree about therapists sharing their clients’ stories on TikTok.

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Sara who loved the idea shared: “I think it’s great, there are 112 million people in this country where mental health resources are scarce.

It’s expensive and even when you have coverage, 34 percent of people with private insurance said they have difficulty finding a therapist who would accept their coverage.”

She continued: “There’s an epidemic in this country and people don’t have access, so if a TikTok video, considering the source … if these are credible doctors, I think this is a brilliant way to make this accessible to people everywhere.”

However, Sunny admitted: “I’m a little nervous, I’m conflicted especially because over this pandemic teens are in a lot of trouble, there’s a mental health crisis.

“They don’t know how to speak to each other, they were out of school but TikTok is managed by the Chinese and they’re getting a lot of information about our teens, adults and country.

“Some of these therapists what are their qualifications?”

Sara hit back: “That’s where you can do your research, there are real doctors on TikTok giving loads of different types of medical advice. You’d have to check your source first.”

However, Sunny disagreed: “I don’t know if it’s sophisticated enough to do it.”

The View continues weekdays on ABC in the USA.

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