The Walking Dead show boss explains why Alpha won’t release walker horde on Alexandria and Hilltop – The Sun

THE Walking Dead’s Alpha has threatened to unleash her zombie horde on more than one occasion – but it looks like she’s bluffing.

The leader of The Whisperers has Alexandria and the Hilltop bent to her will thanks to the mass of walkers she has up her sleeve.

Michonne has done her best to quell tensions, warning those gunning for war with the masked villains that they would face impossible odds.

However, according to show boss Angela Kang, Alpha has no desire whatsoever to employ her undead army in such a way.

Instead, she claims she wants them to topple themselves, in keeping with her own Darwinian approach to survival.

“Alpha is like a cult leader, and so she believes that her philosophy of the world is the only one that makes sense, and I don’t think it’s just bulls**t from her side. I believe this is what she actually believes, and wants her people to believe,” Kang began.

“Ultimately, she wants to prove that these communities that she has said, ‘They never last’ — she would like to see them fall. But the thing that really would most make her point is if they tear themselves apart, or if they seem to fall on their own, and maybe she’s hastening it. But, ultimately, in her mind, it’s all going to come apart,” she went on.

Kang noted that The Whisperers would take heavy losses, even if they ultimately emerged victorious against the allied communities.

She also said that the collateral damage that would be incurred to their territory and resources was a major consideration.

“These groups are a threat to her – it’s a threat to her way of life and her philosophy. And she’s such a purist about what she believes that she doesn’t want these communities to keep standing,” she continued.

“We’ve referred to her herd as her nuclear bomb, and it is that, but to release that bomb, to use the hoard, it in many ways is a path of mutual self-destruction, much like an actual nuclear war, because they have this very spiritual idea of the dead being their guardians; if they unleash the hoard, yeah there’s a really good chance they’re going to run through these communities and the communities are going to fall and people will die, but also a lot of that herd and her Whisperers will die too.

“There’s no way our people are going to go down without a fight. This isn’t a group of a few people living in an encampment; they’re behind walls, they have weapons, they have soldiers. It’s a big deal to push the red button on that, so she’s going at it in a different way to start.”

In this week’s episode viewers watched in horror as Alpha murdered one of her own simply because they questioned the pace of her attacks.

However, the teaser for episode 6 hints that Daryl and Carol will team up to destroy her trump card by taking the horde of walkers out at the gorge where they reside.

The Walking Dead airs Mondays on FOX in the UK and is available to stream on NOW TV.

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