'This is Us' Fans Predict Sophie and Kevin Will Finally Get Their Happily Ever After

Season three of This Is Us ended with the breakup of Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Zoe (Melanie Liburd), despite the fact that it was a pretty solid relationship throughout the season. Kevin matured a lot during season three, and fans who used to think he was the worst character began coming around to him. With Kevin learning that he really did want a family and kids, it just wasn’t meant to be for him and Zoe.

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While the breakup was hard on Kevin, and fans did love the two of them together, a particular scene gave them hope again that love from the past might re-enter the picture. We don’t know if it’ll happen in season four, but it sure has fans talking.

Kevin has a kid

In the season three finale, a flash-forward showed most of the family had gathered at someone’s house where a much older Rebecca was living out her last days. That house turned out to be Kevin’s, and when a young blonde boy walked into the living room area and said hi to ‘Uncle Randall,’ it gave fans pause. They already knew that Kate and Toby’s son Jack was on the way, so it couldn’t have been him. It was then that fans learned that it was, in fact, Kevin’s son. It was the revelation that broke the internet and started making fans hope that Kevin and Sophie might have gotten together after all.

The mystery of the mom

There are many theories as to who the mother of Kevin’s son could be. The flash-forward scene appears to be at least 10 years in the future, given the boy’s age. That would give Kevin plenty of time to meet someone new or get back with an old love.

We know it’s not likely Zoe. She didn’t want kids, and that’s why they broke up in the first place. Unless they adopted or used a donor, it also couldn’t be Zoe’s child for the simple fact that the child doesn’t appear to be of mixed race. And apparently, she won’t be a regular on the show any longer, making a relationship with Kevin harder to manage.

One other possibility floating around is that it might be a new love. We know he’s ready to settle down, so the timing is right. A new character is introduced in season four, played by Jennifer Morrison. Is this a potential new love interest? So far, the showrunners haven’t given fans any info on her role in the show. For now, we’ll have to wait and see, but it was confirmed that she’d have an ongoing role in the show.

Could it be Sophie? Last we saw her, she was engaged. But it does make sense when you think about it, and there’s a good reason for fans to want the couple back together.

Why it makes sense if the mother is Sophie

In an interview with TVLine.com, Hartley talked about how far Kevin has come over three seasons. He said: “He has these tools now — and he’s got a sponsor — and he’s figured out that if he uses these tools, he can calm himself down enough to where he can re-center.”

Kevin has grown immensely as the show has gone on, and the main reason his relationship with Sophie didn’t work is that he had unresolved issues he needed to deal with. Every time Kevin has had a significant life moment, he’s turned to Sophie, just as he did at the end of season three when he showed up at her door. This time, though, he learns Sophie is engaged and he maturely congratulates her, even giving her tickets to a show she wants to see. It’s obvious Sophie is intrigued by this change in Kevin.

Zoe was good for Kevin and was an outsider who could help him through the trauma and discover himself. As he went through his relationship with her, you could see him making less selfish decisions. He took care of her when she needed him, he tried to give up something he wanted for her, and he seemed to be committed to making the relationship work. She helped him grow up in a way, and it’s safe to say he’s in a place where he’s ready to give Sophie the relationship she deserves.

The question remains, will it play out that way in the end? Sophie and Kevin have a long history, and they’ve been through a lot together. She’s also a blonde. Fans would be entirely on board with this development, and it seems like the perfect end to Kevin’s journey throughout the show.

The showrunners like to keep us guessing

The creators of the show are certainly known for being elusive and showing little glimpses of things that don’t always make sense at the moment. Way back in 2017 when season two was about to premiere, Dan Fogelman gave us the ultimate tease in the form of a tweet that showed Kevin proposing to someone in Paris. While this could have been a flash-forward to an actual proposal, it also could have been a movie scene Kevin was doing. The only real way fans will find out is to keep watching.

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