Tipping Point fans swoon as they spot ‘hot’ Lorde lookalike on game show

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Tipping Point fans were left swooning on Tuesday, as they spotted one contestant they were sure looked identical to a pop superstar.

Contestant Meg was going head-to-head against Alyson, Andrew and Jason in order to win as much cash as possible from the Tipping Point machine, encouraged by presenter Ben Shephard.

But fans were left distracted from Meg's impressive tactics – which saw her rack up an impressive 10 counters in just one drop – by her celebrity lookalike.

Many surged to Twitter to point out that she is the spitting image of millennial pop icon Lorde, best known for her hit track Royals.

One eagle-eyed fan tweeted: "Lorde's on #TippingPoint as her pseudonym, Meg!" with a picture of Lorde attached.

Someone else quickly responded with a twist on the star's song lyrics, typing: "Meg will never be Royals… she craves a different kind of buzz from #TippingPoint!"

Someone else though Meg looked more like Jo Davidson from hit ITV drama Line of Duty, as they posted a snap of her in the iconic cop show with the caption: "Come on Meg!" and a thumbs-up emoji.

Plenty others were simply distracted by Meg's good looks, as one encouraged her on by posting: "I hope Meg wins, she seems to be the kindest! #TippingPoint."

"#TippingPoint Meg is cute AF!" someone else echoed.

Someone else was impressed with Meg's quizzing skills as she soared through to the third round, tweeting: "Alyson won't stand a chance… The youngster is a Meg-a-mind!"

They weren't quite as impressed, however, when Meg appeared to confuse a bird with a mammal.

She plumped for an 'eagle' when asked a question related to mammals – causing outrage on social media.

"That famous mammal – the eagle," one deadpanned on Twitter.

Another echoed: "Birds typically not being mammals!", as a third followed up: "What mammal?? And she says bird…"

It was down to Alyson and Meg to go head-to-head for the chance to compete in the final, for the coveted jackpot counter worth £10,000.

But Meg wasn't the only celebrity lookalike fans spotted on Tuesday's programme, as they also reckoned Alyson bore an uncanny resemblance to one Soapland character.

Fans were sure they'd spotted Coronation Street's Sally Metcalfe – played by Sally Dynevor – on the podium.

"Sally from Corrie on #TippingPoint!" one fan tweeted, with a snap of the two side-by-side.

Tipping Point airs weekdays from 4pm on ITV.

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