Tipping Point fans swoon over contestant as they notice ‘Beckham’ similarities

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Eagle-eyed Tipping Point fans were out in full force on Wednesday after spotting an "eye catching" contestant on the show.

Throughout the show, fans stormed Twitter after taking a shine to Adam with some even comparing him to David Beckham.

One person swooned: "Aww Adam is very cute looking."

Another person remarked: "Adam's caught my eye today."

A third exclaimed: "Adam has a bit of a Beckham look about him."

While another said: "Adam looks a bit like Tin Tin?"

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Much to fans delight, Adam had an extended stay on screens after defeating Will and Karen in the initial rounds.

Things turned intense after the hunky contestant went head-to-head with Charlotte.

At one point both were completely level pegging with a score of £1200 each, until the last counter was played.

However, Adam was lucky enough to position the final counter in the machine just right and sailed into the last round.

Adam got off to a slow start with trying to manoeuvre the jackpot counter.

Despite answering most of his questions correctly, he wasn't having much luck with budging the silver and red coin.

He persevered with his quest to bag himself the full £10,000 even though the Jackpot counter was positioned exactly central to drop zone two and three.

After using all of his counters, Ben asked if he'd like to gamble or take the money.

"I'm going to take the money as it's right in the middle of drop zone two and three."

His tactics paid dividends as it was later shown he would have lost if he'd opted to gamble.

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