Top Boy season 4 – Netflix start date, cast and plot

TOP Boy is tipped to return with season four, following the successful release of season three on Netflix in the summer of 2019.

But what exactly have the show's bosses revealed about a fourth series and when can fans expect to see it on Netflix? Here’s everything we know so far…

Will there a fourth series of Top Boy?

Ashley Walters, who plays Dunshane in the gritty Netflix drama, has hinted Top Boy will return for season four, as the production team are currently working on a script.

The 37-year-old actor said: "We haven’t had the actual green light yet but it’s looking promising."

He went on to tell Metro in November, 2019: "In preparation for that we’ve already been working out storylines and writing so it’s looking good.

"Obviously I won’t give anything away but it’s looking dope and we’re all looking forward to going again with the show."

Top Boy's showrunner Ronan Bennett echoed Ashley's words earlier and confirmed that he’s currently in talks with Netflix regarding a second series under the streaming giant.

In an interview with Metro, he revealed: “We want to do a new season and we’re talking to Netflix about it.”

Ronan went on to discuss how working on the new season of Top Boy was an incredible experience, adding that all of the ideas and concepts turned out exceptionally well.

It's not common that ideas and concepts written on paper can translate so effortlessly well on screen, but given his own words, it seems Ronan has found his dream team, who truly understand the core message of the drama.

“We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve all achieved with the new season," he gushed.

“Sometimes you write something for screen and it just doesn’t come out as well as you’d hoped even though all the individual parts are good, but somehow when they’re all together they just don’t gel. This is different.”

Talking about Top Boy’s newest chapter, Ronan continued: ‘I think the new season is brilliant, I really do. We don’t want to sit on our laurels.

When asked about the future of Top Boy and what fans can expect to see, it seems there are a number of ideas that the show's creators will want to explore in future episodes.

“We have our core and we have the characters and the world, but we also want to refresh it with staying true to what our fans love about the show, but also expanding the world and surprising them.

“That’s the ambition going forward.”

Who will be in the cast of Top Boy 4?

Given that Netflix are yet to confirm a new series of Top Boy there are no certainties on who will be cast for the new series.

However, the following are likely to appear in the upcoming series:

Dushane -Ashley Walters

Sully – Kane Robinson

Jaq – Jasmine Jobson

Jamie – Michael Ward

Lizzie – Lisa Dwan

Aaron – Hope Ikpou Jnr.

Farah – Seraphina Beh

Gem – Giacomo Mancini

How did Top Boy season 3 end?

Much to the delight of viewers Dushane and Sully (Kane Robinson) came out on top, despite going up against new rival Jamie (Michael Ward).

Although Jamie was always one step ahead of the twosome, they managed to get him locked up and therefore reclaimed the streets for themselves.

Along the way, Sully killed long-time friend Dris (Shone Romulus) after he betrayed his trust and Lizzie changed allegiances by the end of the series and sided with Dushane over Jamie.

But in the end, Dushane wanted to work with Jamie and offered to help him get out of prison if he agreed to work for him.

What will happen in Top Boy season 4?

Unfortunately, little is known about the storyline for Top Boy season four, however, it will undoubtedly follow Dushane and Sully as they rule Summerhouse.

The duo are likely to team up with former foe Jamie, as they have a mutual understanding on how to work in the drug industry.

Also, there is a possibility Drake could star in the new series, as Ashley has not ruled out him landing a starring role.

Speaking to the Metro, he explained: "If I’m honest I don’t mind. I think Drake has got a good energy.

"The real question is will viewers mind and I couldn’t tell you but from my personal experience, watching his past work because I did some research as he comes from an acting background and it’s not a different world for him. It’s something he wants to get back into."

He added: "I wouldn’t be against it, I think he can act and people would be surprised. But I think he’s so powerful as Drake, it would be a difficult task for viewers to see him as anything else. That would be down to really good writing and acting."

Why is the new run of Top Boy called season one on Netflix?

It’s being reported that Netflix wanted to brand the new episodes from what we thought was season three as Top Boy.

This evidently means that the previous two seasons are separate from the third run, which is why the streaming firm has decided to label those as Top Boy: Summerhouse.

Summerhouse refers back to the Summerhouse Estate, the location which characters such as Dushane, Sully and Dris reside.

The original series premiered on Channel 4 in 2011, but following its second run in 2013, the television network decided to axe the series, leaving fans in shock.



How can you watch series one and two of Top Boy?

If the current series is leaving you wanting to re-watch the first two series then you're in luck because you can!

All you need to do is head over to Netflix – where the current series is being shown – to get your fix.

And all the episodes of the cult show are there and ready to binge-watch, so enjoy!

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