Top Boy season 4 script officially in the works as Ashley Walters gushes over ‘dope’ Netflix return

THE script for Top Boy season four is officially in the works, according to lead actor Ashley Walters.

Netflix's revival of the Channel 4 show – taking place six years after the original two seasons – was a hit with audiences, becoming the most streamed show on Netflix upon its launch.

While the streaming service hasn't officially commissioned a new season, Ashley (who plays Dushane) says it's looking "promising" – and that they've already begun working on scripts.

"Fingers crossed, we haven't had the actual green light yet but it's looking promising," he told Metro.

"In preparation for that we've already been working out storylines and writing so it's looking good.

"Obviously I won't give anything away but it's looking dope and we're all looking forward to going again with the show."

However, he warns fans that the next season won't be out for awhile.

The show – which follows Dushane and Sully (Kane Robinson) as they fight for dominance of the drug market in the estates of London – was revived by Drake after it was cancelled in 2013, something Ashley labels as "dope".

Ashley appeared on Sunday Brunch last month to speak about Drake's reaction to the show's cancellation at the time.

He said: "It was put on Netflix after it was cancelled, a couple of years later, and we started to get a lot of interest Stateside.

"And then Drake watched it, which was weird, and we woke up one day, saw all this press over it [as] he'd posted.

"He had a picture of me and said, 'When's the show coming back?' and I said it's been cancelled and he said, 'Well, we'll see about that'.

"Cut to about a year-and-a-half later and he came back to the table with a deal and that was it, we went from there."

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