Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott admits he was abusing drugs amid cheating scandal – The Sun

DEAN McDermott admitted to using drugs while recently opening up about his past cheating scandals.

On this week’s episode of the ‎Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin podcast, he revealed an “addictive pattern” wasn't the reason behind his past affairs — during his first marriage, with Mary Jo Eustace, nor his current, with Tori Spelling.

He left Mary Jo because he was unhappy in his marriage and it was instant “fireworks” and “love” when he met Tori, but his most recent cheating episode was for a completely different reason.

In 2013, seven years into his new marriage, the TV personality hooked up with a then-28-year-old woman while promoting his gig as host of Chopped Canada in Toronto, according to Us Weekly.

Now, Dean revealed of the cheating: “That episode was about a combination of things. I suffer from depression.

“…Even though I was hosting Chopped Canada, I had a cookbook coming out, I was on fire on the Food Network, I was incredibly unhappy and hated myself.“

After the actor’s first wife previously accused him of having an “addiction to cocaine,” as Radar Online reported, Dean admitted on the podcast: “I started drinking and started using drugs again, and I needed to fill a hole.”

An affair was the “last thing” the actor was looking for, but “it just happened so easily and just kind of out of the blue” that he didn’t think about it and just “went with it.”

It didn’t end up having the effect he wanted, as he revealed: “It didn’t fill the void, it created this chasm.”

At the time of the scandal, he already had four kids with Tori, daughter of the late TV bigwig Aaron Spelling, as well as one from his previous marriage, with his youngest only about 16 months old. The actress gave birth to their fifth child, Beau Dean, in 2017.

He added during his conversation with Jana and Michael: “Going through everything we’ve gone through, I’m amazed at the resolve of my wife Tori.

“I thought, for sure, it was done. I thought it was done. I thought, ‘Why on earth would you want to be with me?’”

The "Beverly Hills, 90210" alum later confronted her husband for the world to see on their reality show, True Tori, shortly after the news of the cheating scandal broke.

Aside from Dean’s 2013 cheating scandal, the couple has been dealing with quite a few other challenges over the years, including Dean going to rehab for a little bit after the incident and Tori falling ill while shooting her and her husband’s reality show in 2014.

Most recently, the couple has been dealing with various financial struggles and lawsuits.

American Express sued Tori twice in 2016 for alleged debt totalling more than $100,000, and, later that same year, the state of California placed a tax lien for over $250,000 on their property because of alleged unpaid taxes.

The money troubles only continued for the married duo from there, causing them to now owe over $1 million in taxes.

The lien on their property remains intact, according to Radar Online, they were hit with a federal tax lien of $707,487 and the IRS emptied their bank accounts in 2017 to kick off the repayment, and Tori and Dean are also in a legal battle with City National Bank over a $400,000 loan.

Because of her lack of money management skills, Tori revealed in the latest episode of her True web series that she’s committed to helping her children learn to do better.

“I’ve never been good with money, I wasn’t ever taught to deal with money properly, that’s something that’s really important for me to do as I’m learning myself now in my 40s,” she said. “I really want my kids to know that before they move out on their own.”

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