Vigil viewers in stitches as they spot cameraman lurking in tense shot – but did you spot him?

VIGIL viewers were left in stitches after spotting a cameraman lurking in a tense shot – but did you spot him?

The new BBC drama – which premiered on BBC One on Sunday night – follows the investigation into a dead serviceperson aboard a Royal Navy submarine.

Vigil has already left fans furious after last night's instalment was left on a major cliffhanger and they now have to wait six days for the next episode.

The six-part series started off with shocking scenes of a Scottish fishing trawler drowning beneath the waves.

This was followed by the death of Craig Burke (Martin Compston), who was aboard a nearby submarine HMS called Vigil.

DCI Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) was brought onto the scene to try and piece together how he died.

Towards the end of the first episode Silva's colleague and former girlfriend Kristen Longacre (Rosie Leslie) went to search Burke's accomodation base and found something that would help move forward in the investigation.

The detective sergeant found a memory stick with footage of Burke talking about 20 different ways to kill the Vigil crew.

Longacre knew she had to get out quick, but was stopped by security at the gates.

She asked: "Can you open the gates please?"

The officer on the gate replied: "Just wait a minute."

She sterny clapped back: "I'm Police Scotland, I'm not interested in waiting, I'm heading home. Open the gates please."

As she anxiously waited one of the camera crew who was filming the scene appeared in the back window of her car.

One eagled-eyed fan took to Facebook and wrote: "Anyone watched VIGIL? Camera man casually standing in the back window haha."

During last night's instalment Silva concluded that Burke had been poisoned and realised that his pal Adam who had given him mouth-to-mouth was also feeling ill.

Fans fumed as they realised they have to wait six days until they find out what happens next.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer raged: "#Vigil – Sunday? SUNDAY?! What Line of Duty kind of bs is this? Making us wait an entire week!

"Realise binge-watching has ruined the cliffhanger & made us all greedy toddlers. Just me then?"

Another tweeted: "I think it is unreasonable to expect us to wait until Sunday for the next episode of #Vigil – so very into it."


Vigil continues on Sunday 6 September at 9pm on BBC One

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