'Vikings': What Happened to Jarl Borg?

In the history of the series Vikings, there have been a number of bad guys, and one of them is certainly Jarl Borg (Thorbjørn Harr). He committed a heinous act against Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), and it’s something Ragnar couldn’t forgive. What happens to Jarl Borg? We have all the details you need to know.

Who is Jarl Borg in ‘Vikings’?

Borg is a Jarl in Götaland that Ragnar, the main character, meets in season 1. A main point about him is that years before, his brother tried to poison him, but his new wife, whom he had just married, drank from the cup intended for him, and she died. He now carries her skull around with him and talks to it.

Ragnar is told by King Horik (Donal Logue) to speak to Jarl Borg about some disputed territory between them. Ragnar has no choice but to obey, and he does what is asked. Although at first Jarl Borg won’t be swayed to relinquish his claim to the lands in question, Horik and Borg eventually come up with an agreement. But first, there is a massive battle pinning Ragnar against his own brother, Rollo (Clive Standen). But Rollo surrenders, and terms are decided that the two parties will raid together. But when the time comes, Horik changes his mind about raiding with Borg. Ragnar is forced to tell Borg that he won’t be raiding with them, which causes major drama.

Borg takes Kattegat for himself

Obviously, Jarl Borg isn’t too happy about Horik and Ragnar going back on their original agreement. While Horik and Ragnar are out raiding, he takes Kattegat to get revenge on Ragnar. It also has to do with opportunity as Kattegat is left undefended. Ragnar’s family is forced to flee with his brother, Rollo, left in charge during such chaotic times.

But word reaches Ragnar about what’s happened with Borg seated at Kattegat. Ragnar returns, and with his warriors as well as his ex-wife, Lagertha’s (Katheryn Winnick) troops, they do battle and win the day. They return to Kattegat victorious, and Borg is left to flee.

But Horik comes back from England and changes his mind yet again about working with Borg after the vicious fighting in Wessex and the loss of so many warriors. Ragnar is forced to pretend to go along with it, but when Borg comes calling, Ragnar doesn’t waste too much time before seeking revenge.

Ragnar kills Jarl Borg

Ragnar has a plan in place, and he has his warriors attack Jarl Borg and kill his troops. Although King Horik brings a captive Borg his wife’s skull and talks to him about setting him free in hopes of using his troops to their advantage in Wessex again, he doesn’t go through with it. However, at one point Horik mentions they should both kill Ragnar, showing how far he’ll go.

Ragnar decides to have Jarl Borg killed, and he does it in the most gruesome way. It’s called a blood eagle in which the ribcage is broken, and the lungs are put on the person’s arms. Everyone is there to witness it, even Borg’s pregnant wife, Torvi (Georgia Hirst), who passes out.

Jarl Borg is killed, and he doesn’t make a sound despite the horrible way he’s killed. He believes by not making sounds from the pain that he’ll make it to Valhalla.

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