Walk the Line viewers ‘switch off’ new ITV show ‘What’s going on?’

Walk The Line: Maya Jama launches new talent show

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Walk The Line premiered its first episode on ITV on Sunday night. The new singing contest sees wannabe stars take to the stage as they compete to win a cash prize of up to £500,000. The music competition is hosted by Maya Jama and has a judging panel made up of Craig David, Alesha Dixon, Dawn French and Gary Barlow. However, some viewers weren’t impressed with the new show’s first outing and took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Walk The Line has been described as a talent show with a twist, with £500,000 up for grabs.

Host Maya opened the show saying: “Hello and welcome to Walk The Line. This is the ultimate game of winner stays on.

“Every night this week five incredible performers will take to this stage to battle it out.

“On Friday night someone will take home £500,000. All they have to do is stay in the competition,” she explained.

However, it seems the new format of the six-part series hasn’t gripped everyone.

While watching the first episode on Sunday night, some ITV viewers made it clear they weren’t enjoying the new talent show.

Taking to Twitter many hit out at the new show, sharing critical comments.

@LiamLambrini wrote: “Had hope for #WalkTheLine but it’s dull as dishwater so far. The panel judged singing comp format is SO tired and this ‘twist’ on it is not interesting enough to change that.”

“Well this isn’t going to be back for a second series #WalkTheLine,” @83VickiB predicted.

@ronan367 commented: “Same cliches again, this is simply X Factor again. I’m switching off now #walktheline.”

“Over half an hour in and I still don’t know what’s going on #WalkTheLine,” @AdneyDrt said.

“Turned off before the second act was finished lol. What a load of tosh #WalkTheLine,” @stressedoutjem added.

However, some viewers defended the new show, insisting they were enjoying the first episode.

“Great start tonight, Loving the show already x @GaryBarlow #WalkTheLine,” @yasmin_ali10 commented.

The new singing competition is set to air at 8pm every night this week on ITV.

Each night the audience will vote for which performance they enjoyed the most.

A show winner is chosen at the end of each episode, but once beating their competitors they have to make a big decision.

They have to choose whether to cash out or Walk The Line and risk it all to stay in the competition.

Walk The Line continues Monday at 8pm on ITV.

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