'WandaVision': Will Marvel's First Disney+ Show Introduce the Young Avengers?

WandaVision is set to be Marvel’s first Disney+ series, continuing the adventures of the MCU. But it also aims to introduce a few new characters to the universe as well.

It’s clear that WandaVision is going to guide the next phase of this franchise, but what direction will it take it in? Some fans believe it may lead to the unveiling of a group called the Young Avengers.

But who is this group featured in the comics, and what potential evidence is there that this is where they’ll begin within the MCU? 

What will ‘WandaVision’ be about? 

WandaVision promises to be a genre-bending redefinition of the superhero TV show. While details on the show are scarce, it seems to be taking the format and look of multiple classic sitcoms. This appears to be a cover for the show’s true premise, which seems like it will put Wanda in some sort of altered reality.

All signs indicate the presence of some kind of multiverse aspect as well. The film will lead directly into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, and the next Spider-Man film is rumored to also have a multiverse component. 

While Wanda and Vision are the show’s primary focus, they’re not the only characters. There are few characters that may be featured that lead some fans to believe it may establish the Young Avengers. But who is that group? 

Who are the Young Avengers? 

According to the Marvel website, the Young Avengers are a group of young people with superhero abilities who decide to form a group similar to the much older Avengers. The members include: 

  • Iron Lad, a boy from the future named Nathaniel Richards who eventually becomes Kang the Conqueror. After seeing the destruction he causes as Kang, he opts to follow a nobler path
  • Patriot, the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, a Black soldier during World War II who survived experimentation in the Super Soldier program 
  • Asgardian, a boy who can project energy
  • Hulking, a smaller version of Hulk who turns out to be part Kree
  • Kate Bishop, an archer who eventually becomes the new Hawkeye
  • Cassandra Lang, daughter of former Ant-Man Scott Lang

Other young superheroes joined the group at various points as well. One of their foes was frequent Spider-Man villain, Norman Osborn (aka the Green Goblin). 

Will ‘WandaVision’ be Marvel’s first Disney+ show to introduce the Young Avengers? 

According to CBR, the WandaVision teaser trailer hints at the potential debut of Vision and Scarlet Witch’s children. In the comics, these are two superheroes known as Wiccan and Speed. On a Reddit thread discussing the show, one MCU fan speculated that their presence on the show could indicate a Young Avengers franchise: 

“They’re pretty much building up the Young Avengers, so Wiccan and Speed are more than likely going to stay.”

So will there be a Young Avengers? It seems like a solid bet. Consider that Cassandra Lang has already been introduced in the MCU, with future plans for her inclusion in other properties. Combine that with the fact that Hailee Steinfeld will play Bishop in the Hawkeye Disney+ series, and it certainly seems like Marvel is building to something significant with its younger generation of heroes. 

There’s no definitive evidence that there will be a group known as the Young Avengers within the MCU, but it definitely makes a lot of sense. One reason the MCU has stayed successful is that Marvel always seems to develop new characters with each film or TV show that fans love. Now, it looks as though their younger characters will set the franchise up for even more success in the future. 

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