Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Cheesy Father’s Day YouTube Challenge

Jimmy Kimmel enlisted fans to celebrate Father’s Day in the most memeable way possible, by chucking a slice of cheese at their dear old dads.

The host aired the results of his annual YouTube challenge on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday, and the montage was packed with plenty of highlights and very cranky dads: One was cheesed at a bowling alley, another got not just as slice of American cheese on the cheek, but a hair full of Cheez Whiz and one father, who was washing his dog at the time, swiftly turned the tables on his daughter with the hose. But the most impressive video came from a son who managed to construct a literal open-face sandwich — cheese, salami, mayo, bread and an olive — on his sleeping father’s face.

During his monologue, Kimmel also joked about the incredibly uncomfortable Father’s Day message that appeared on Bill Cosby’s Twitter account over the weekend. “How is it that Bill Cosby is legally blind, tweeting presumably from a prison library computer and there are still fewer typos and spelling errors than every one of the president’s tweets,” Kimmel cracked.

As Kimmel noted, this Father’s Day also featured the equally disconcerting launch of O.J. Simpson’s new Twitter account, prompting the host to joke, “We can’t have the measles and O.J. back at the same time, it’s too much.”

Kimmel also highlighted President Donald Trump’s Father’s Day tweet, which was addressed to everyone, “including my worst and most vicious critics.” Kimmel added that Trump spent Father’s Day playing golf not with his kids, but with Senator Lindsey Graham, cracking, “But Senator Graham did call the president ‘Daddy’ the whole time, so that’s fatherly in a way.”

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