What are the new Love Island 2019 couples and when is the next recoupling?

ISLANDERS dread that text that says there will be a re-coupling.

Here's who is with who after the latest shock elimination on Love Island.

When is the next re-coupling on Love Island?

The latest recoupling took place on Monday, June 24, 2019.

It was a tense one and saw Danny pick new girl Arabella over Yewande.

Anton Danyluk chose single girl Lucie, so she has a chance to find love in the villa.

It's not yet known when the next recoupling is, but it could be this Friday (June 28).

Who are the Love Island 2019 couples?

Love Island 2019 had the girls stepping forward for their preferred beau in the opening episode.

But first impressions are not always the best – and new contestants have added to the mix.

Here's the rundown on the current 2019 couples.

Amber and Michael

After sharing their first kiss in week two Michael Griffiths picked Amber Gill to couple up with.

They've been through one little scare after new girl Maura Higgins fed Michael a banana during a date in full view of the other Islanders, but the pair made it back on track.

Amber had previously been in a friendship pair with Anton after Callum MacLeod was the first to be dumped from the villa.

And Michael was also in a friendship pair with Yewande, who later coupled up with Danny Williams.

The pair were the first couple Caroline Flack announced had been saved by the public from elimination in week three.

They then survived the next recoupling with Michael picking Amber.

Tom and Maura

Tom Walker redeemed himself after his not-so-nice comments he made about Maura Higgins.

The grid girl was furious when Tom boasted about wanting to see whether she was "all mouth," which clearly didn't win him any points with his partner.

In fact, it took Maura a good night's rest before attempting to see whether Tom was truly apologetic – and he was.

And if he hadn't expressed that enough, he sure did when he chose to save her from elimination.

Amy and Curtis

After being chosen by Amy Hart in the last recoupling, it was Curtis Pritchard's time to pick the former air hostess.

The pair cemented their title as Love Island's golden couple and the most solid relationship of the series so far.

And the twosome certainly looked pleased to be paired up again as they could not stop grinning.

Curtis then chose Amy in the next recoupling after giving a soppy speech.

Jordan and Anna

Jordan Hames and Anna Vakili's chemistry is undeniable, so there was no surprise to see that the two were going to continue on their journey as a duo.

The model from Manchester gushed about Anna's incredible curves and her loyalty to her friends, before jokingly adding that the pharmacist also has lovely feet.

Perhaps that was what won Jordan over in the end.

Tommy and Molly-Mae

Despite his disdain of "shapes", Tommy Fury managed to find himself in yet another triangle.

This time it was him calling the shots as new girl Maura and Molly Mae Hague vied for his attention.

Though in the end despite the Irish grid girl's best efforts, it was Molly that he decided to remain coupled up with.

The boxer then chose her again during the next recoupling.

Danny and Arabella

It took Danny Williams a long time to toughen up and decide whether he wanted to be with Yewande or Arabella, but his decision was final during the recoupling showdown in episode 19.

Danny felt a connection with Arabella – but still hoped that things could work out between him and Yewande.

The doubt between whether to stay with the scientist or move ahead with Arabella eventually led him to simply take the Londoner as his new partner, subsequently sending Yewande home.

Anton and Lucie

It's not hard to believe that there isn't really much of a connection between Anton and Lucie, but there's no denying that the two have become good friends since the series kicked off.

Anton clearly didn't want to see Lucie go home, stressing that he felt she had more to give and certainly believed that the surfer would end up finding love with somebody in the villa.

Fans have branded their recoupling as a friendship union more than anything else.

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