What happens between Ben and Callum next in EastEnders – is Halfway gay?

Stuart (Ricky Champ) is onto the fact that there’s something romantic going on between Ben (Max Bodwen) and his brother Callum (Tony Clay) on EastEnders after seeing a moment of tenderness between them.

After Ben beat up Jonno (Richard Graham), Callum’s bigoted father, and sent him packing, Callum confided in Ben about his dad’s disappointment in him.

With their secret apparently on the way to getting out, as Stuart spotted Ben planting a comforting kiss on Callum’s cheek from afar, here’s what we know so far about what’s going to happen between Callum and Ben…

What happens between Ben and Callum next in EastEnders?

We know that Stuart will be confronting Callum about his relationship with Ben after seeing Ben kiss his brother on the cheek.

With the Pride parade coming up, there’s been speculation that Callum will finally be admitting the truth about his sexuality once and for all, after having been confused about it for some time.

However cast members have been spotted filming scenes of Callum and Whitney’s (Shona McGarty) wedding, which likely won’t be airing until the end of the summer, so the odds that Callum will be able to make it work with Ben before then are looking pretty slim.

A source told Metro.co.uk: ‘Whitney truly thinks she has found the one in Callum – he’s kind, sensitive, funny and generally decent. But she is completely obvlivious to the struggle he has been enduring. It would shatter Whitney is if her plans for the future were shattered on the day shethinks everything is finally going to fall into place for her.

‘As for Callum, he knows he needs to be honest – with himself more than anyone. Ben is unpredictable and could out the truth at any time – so will Callum beat him to it? Or will Callum and Whitney become husband and wife, leaving unresolved tensions and even more heartache to come?’

You’ll just have to tune in to find out…

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