What Tammy Patton From My 600-Lb Life Is Doing Now

When people go on My 600-lb Life, they are typically obese to the point that they may suffer severe, life-shortening consequences if they do not act immediately. In season nine, we met Tammy Patton, a woman desperate to change her life.

Distractify reports that at the time of filming her episode, Tammy was a 41-year-old mother of two who weighed about 600 pounds. Her adult daughters, Alize and Serenitti, as well as Tammy’s own mother, moved in with her to help her with day-to-day tasks.

In her consultation with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, known on the show as Dr. Now, Tammy was upfront about the cause of her obesity: food addiction. When Dr. Now asked whether she ate out of hunger or out of habit, Tammy did not hesitate before she answered: habit. “I think it’s just not caring what I was putting into my body,” she told Dr. Now.

Dr. Now was frank with Tammy. “If you’re making the choice to eat whatever you want whenever you want, then there is no magic I can do to make you lose weight,” he told her. “All we can do is give you the roadmap of what to do, what not to do. But you’re the one who has to make the choice to follow it, and you’re going to have to do the hard work.”

So, was Dr. Now’s advice successful? Here’s Tammy today. 

Tammy is keeping fans updated on her weight loss

The Cinemaholic reports that thanks to the help of Dr. Now, Tammy has lost an impressive 126 pounds. Tammy had lost enough weight to qualify for weight loss surgery and told viewers at the end of her episode that she would be putting the maximum effort into her weight loss journey.

Although her time on My 600-lb Life has come to an end, Tammy continues to keep fans updated through her Facebook page, on which she also teased forthcoming content on her new YouTube channel. She posts inspirational messages. “DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP..DON’T YOU DARE GIVE IN..GOD WON’T FAIL..TRUST THE PROCESS!” she wrote in March 2021. 

Earlier in the month, she shared an important milestone in her journey: “Today I did something that I hadn’t done in YEARS..I walked 2 laps,” she wrote. “That may be little to you..But that’s GIGANTIC to me!”

Tammy has made it clear that she has no intentions of giving up, and for that, there is no choice but to stan.

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