Where is Intruder filmed?

INTRUDER is the brand new Channel 5 drama follows a couple after a break-in in their home.

The new drama is supposedly a "London-based" show, but filming took place in Ireland.

Where is Intruder filmed?

One of the show’s leads, Rebecca, is a journalist at the 'Becksfield Gazette', a small seaside town.

But her husband is a presenter for a station called London Chat Radio, so it can be assumed the action is split between the two locations.


Shooting for Intruder took place in autumn 2020,when strict Covid ruels were in place.

Unlike other productions, the Channel 5 programme managed to continue filming amid tough conditions.

Star Sally Lindsay said: "I think we were the only production in Ireland at that time that didn't stand down,"

"I was staying in this flat in Dublin, which was lovely, but it was near St. Stephen's place and usually, that's where it's all happening and it was just so weird because it was dead.

"But the amazing thing was it was the USA election, so Trump and his shenanigans, that was my entertainment. So that literally kept me sane, because we were so isolated; we couldn't see each other, we couldn't talk about the day in the bar afterwards."

But the cast said that the weather thankfully made filming enjoyable.

Star Elaine Cassidy told Radio Times: "The weather was amazing. I mean, this is Ireland. It rains all the time. We were there in October/November so we were really fortunate with the weather.

"There was nothing definitive about the time of year it is [in the script], but I don’t think it was supposed to be the height of summer because we’re wearing coats and stuff.

"So believe it or not, that was Ireland at its best."

Silverstrand beach

According to Radio Times, a coastal cave system proves an important location to Intruder's murder plot.

So Silverstrand beach in County Galway provided the background for these eerie scenes.

The cave system can be entered from the beach – and despite the cast's preconceptions, the location was fairly hospitable.

Show star Elaine Cassidy said: “I was like ‘it’s going to be freezing, it’s going to be damp’, really not looking forward to it,” she recalled. “And when we got there, there was another new energy.

“The caves were actually warmer than outside, we were so lucky because it pelted it down with rain but we were in this lovely little kind of safe cocoon. They were spectacular. We were even lucky enough to see some bats which felt really special.”

The beach and its neighbouring caravan parks have provided the setting fot other TV series including Love/Hate, Moonfleet, The Vikings, Camelot, George Gently, Fair City and ITV’s Primeval.

However, actor Tom Meeten revealed that Intruder’s director was not such a fan of the location.

He told Radio Times: “Gareth [Tunley], our director who wrote it, actually has quite bad claustrophobia.

He said: "So, he was struggling inside the caves which I found quite amusing,”

“This is the sadistic side of me.”

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