Who is Bachelorette star Bri Springs' boyfriend?

BRI Springs rose to fame as a contestant on Matt James' season of The Bachelor.

Fans have speculated whether or not Bri is dating after she was spotted out and about with a Bachelorette contestant.

What does Bri Springs do for work?

Bri Springs, 25, is a communications manager from San Francisco. 

The contestant works for a high-profile social media company, but it hasn't been revealed to fans what organization it is.

“[Bri] works for a tech company,” Bachelor host Chris Harrison said in December 2020.

“I’m not allowed to say what tech company, and I don’t want to put her job in jeopardy. But it is a big one. So much so because she almost wasn’t on the show because she obviously didn’t want to give up this amazing job.”

According to her Bachelor bio, she was raised by her mother and grandma who worked hard for her to thrive and be successful.

Who is Bachelorette star Bri Springs' boyfriend?

Rumors circulated that Bri Springs was dating Katie Thurston's ex Greg Grippo after the pair were spotted out in NYC.

In several pictures, obtained by Instagram fan account, BachelorNation.Scoop, Greg and Bri are seen closely together in line to get into a club. 

They appeared annoyed – with Greg even having a stressed facial expression – as the bouncer allegedly denied them entry. 

An eye witness who was present claimed: “Guess fame hasn’t hit them yet, they couldn’t get in.”

According to the bystander, Greg “didn’t speak” at all while Bri said the pair were “trying to be discrete.” 

Bachelor Nation quickly speculated the pair was dating after the photos surfaced. 

However, Bri shared an Instagram Story that read “current relationship status.”

In the picture, she was holding hands with a man who was NOT Greg.

She appeared to be at a wedding in the snap as she grabbed onto the unidentified man – who was wearing a sharp blue suit – next to her.

Many fans were relieved by the news, as she was flooded with comments about “staying away” from Greg after he displayed “toxic” behavior on Katie's season.

Who are Bri Springs' parents?

Bri Springs' mom, Lauren Stoppelbein, is an aesthetic practice manager who has experience in dermatology and plastic surgery.

It is unclear how old she is.

Stoppelbein currently works at Krauss Dermatology in Massachusetts.

She is of Persian descent but was born in San Antonio, Texas.

On one of her one-on-one dates with Matt James, Bri revealed that her mother gave birth to her when she was just 13-years-old.

“My mom became pregnant and had me at 13,” she told Matt sitting down at the table. 

“She didn’t really date for a long time after that. It’s just been me my whole life. Me and my mom,” she added.

Springs said her father wasn't around much when she was growing up.

"We have somewhat of a relationship, I would say," she told Matt during his season.

"He was absent most of my life and whenever I was younger, I would find myself waiting for him.

"Growing up, everyone would always ask me, 'Where's your dad? Don't you love your dad? But you still love your dad, right?'," she shared.

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