Who is Great British Bake Off contestant Lottie?

LOTTIE'S bust of Louis Theroux in the first episode of Bake Off caught the eye of Paul and Prue.

The pantomime producer had a good run in Cake week, despite the tough conditions.

Who is Bake Off's Lottie?

Lottie Bedlow is a pantomime producer from West Sussex.

Lottie believes she has inherited her baking skills from her Lancastrian great-grandmother, who was a fervent cake-baker.

She has a dark sense of humour and enjoys "listening to Viking metal pop while baking and doing yoga with her friends".

Lottie also has a passion for learning elaborate baking techniques.

How old is she?

Lottie is 31 years old and describes herself as a "perpetually frustrated perfectionist."

Last week on Bake Off, Lottie impressed the judges with her rhubarb and custard flavoured Battenberg cake.

She also tried her hand at making Louis Theroux out of cake, much to the delight of Prue and Paul.

What has she said about the show?

Lottie said: "Coming straight out of lockdown into another lockdown was weird but totally worth it and that first morning was utterly terrifying!

"As soon as I saw the tent it all started to feel a bit too real!

"We were all nervous about making a cake bust of our celebrity heroes and knowing that we were all in the same boat was really reassuring!

"As a group we got really close really quickly because we were all living together and that made it feel extra special."

Lottie said the show has taught her that she's a fast learner: "I taught myself a lot of techniques ahead of the show and really enjoyed the process.

She says her weaknesses are "timing and decoration."

Lottie added "I get lost in making sure I know what I am doing technically so I often run out of time or serve something that looks nothing like I had expected or wanted it to!"

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