Zayn Malik only made £150k in a year after flop album charted at number 77 – but still has £5.7m cash in the bank

ZAYN Malik only made £150,000 in a year after his 2018 flop album Icarus Falls charted at number 77, The Sun can reveal.

However, the 28-year-old star doesn't need to worry about running out of cash as he still has a comfortable £5.7 million in the bank.

Despite last year being a great one for Zayn personally after he became a dad for the first time, his professional life took a bit of a hit.

We can reveal that his business Drop Zed Publishing is only up £150k from the previous year – a boost from from £5,494,767 to £5,654,802.

The company held assets at £9,296,081, with Zayn left with £5.7 million after covering expenses of £3,641,279.

The singer set up the company in 2014 for sound recording and music publishing, and also has two other Drop Zed companies; Drop Zed Promotions and Drop Zed Touring.

Zayn released his long-awaited comeback album Nobody Is Listening last week, which has performed better than its predecessor.

An early look at the official UK chart figures show the record is poised to sneak in at a fairly underwhelming No10 later today, despite strong early streaming numbers.

It comes four months after the ex One Direction star's girlfriend Gigi Hadid gave birth to their first child in September.

And last night, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the supermodel had sneakily revealed their daughter's name at last.

Gigi quietly changed her Instagram bio to include: "Khai's mom", with the moniker an apparent nod to her paternal grandmother Khairiah.

The superstar couple have been cautious over the amount of baby material they post online, never showing their little one's face.

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